Ok i am going to make this post a short one and will leave you to think about it so that you can come up with proofs from your own life to support what i am going to tell you.

Let’s get right down to it. What is attraction? What causes us to be attracted to other people?

In a nutshell, attraction in and of itself is useless without a proper amount of investment. A positive connection that brings two things together, like a force, like magnetism – those are feelings and feelings are transient.

We become attracted to anything that we invest our personal time, emotion, and energy into. Our investment means a lot. Our time means a lot because time doesn’t come back. If you spend time working on something, that time is gone. It never comes back. So our investment causes us to be attracted to things. The more we work on something, even if it’s flawed, the more we want it. The key to getting people to want you is to get them to invest in you.

It is as simple as i just explained above. Now think about it. Think about that things you are attracted to and you will find the the reason behind the attraction is investment.