To be effective in doing pick-up you need to understand how your mind works

The mind works so that it constantly shifts between two states:

1. Downtime.

2. Uptime.

You are in downtime when you are withdrawn into yourself, when the focus of your attention is in your inner world.

This is when you are reading a book, thinking about something, trying to solve a calculation, being at the desk of your office doing your job and so on.

You are in uptime when you are focused on the world around you and your thinking is reduced to minimum.

This is for example when you are observing a landscape or the room where you are, when you are carefully listening to a person, when you look around to find a direction.

To be effective when you do pick-up you have to be in uptime state.

To effectively pick-up women you will need to talk with them, observe their non verbal reactions, calibrate them and so on.

If you are in downtime state, withdrawn into yourself you cannot observe the environment, you will be likely to miss important particulars while doing the pick-up and will fail.

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Now depending on your level of energy and your age it will take some times for your mind to shift from downtime to uptime.

I calculate that for very strong individuals and in the full of their energy this time could be a few minutes.

However, when engaged in some very stressful activity like heavy business activity it will take some more time even for very strong individuals to shift from downtime to uptime.

During history men did not need so much social contacts like women did to survive.

They needed the skill of focusing on hunting animals and enemies much more. So they have developed more than any other skill the skill of focusing on one thing very intensely.

Men tend for several reasons to be more in downtime than women when they are in social situations. This is because they are more relaxed then.

Women have derived their survival from social relationships. For them being in uptime is felt as more important than for men in social relationships.

It is not a very long time since those historical times when a pregnant woman or a woman with a little child could at worst die without the support of men and society.

So women have developed in evolution a better skill for being in uptime when they are in social circles.

Men on the contrary try to relax and use their uptime for extreme situations like hunting, war and all the kind of important activities like business.

This is a big reason for the most common complaints women have in regard to men: “Men don’t pay attention”, “Men don’t notice small particulars”,”Men don’t listen.”

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In reality it’s not that men don’t pay attention. Instinctively they relax when they are in peaceful social situations and go into downtime: they are resting while waiting for the big picture to come into play!

For women the same environment social situations – is the field where they play their game for survival.

So they are more alert, more in uptime than men when they are in social situations.

Men are hardwired to focus intensely on something important for them, get it done and then relax in downtime for longer.

Instead females are much more socially aware than males.

For you to be effective in pick-up and seduction you need to practice how to shift from downtime to uptime effectively in social situations.

Let’s say that at longest this shift from downtime to uptime can take about one hour if you have had a very tough day.

Now the warm-up stage is the period of time required for you to shift from downtime to uptime while you are doing approaches.

If you demand from yourself effectiveness when you are in the delicate warm up stage then you are going to disappoint yourself.

The shift from downtime to uptime should be smooth, sweet. You should not try to force yourself. Simply smoothly start to pay attention to the surroundings and stop thinking inside your head!

A failure in understanding the importance of the warm-up may impair all your pick-up skills. This is true especially for beginners.

When you will be more experienced you will acquire the skills of being a “silent killer”. You will rapidly shift from downtime to uptime in a few minutes, pick-up and get results in a very short time.

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When you are still learning I suggest you to go through the warm-up in a “religious” way.

Now what is the warm-up stage? Basically it is the shift from inactivity to hunting mode.

The best way to understand it is to follow what happens if you go jogging.

At the beginning it will feel it is very tough: you will feel that your body is resisting the jogging.

Slowly you will feel that your body is lighter, a more pleasant feeling will take over your body. You will start to feel a certain sense of happiness.

This is mainly due to the activation of your pleasure hormones like dopamine and endorphins.

These brain’s neurotransmitters give you pleasure when you do something which is felt by the brain as important for survival.

For example: running, moving are important for survival. You hunt and fight enemies effectively when you are in that state.

Now when you get into the pick-up venue try to enter into the state of mind of not requiring from yourself full results at the beginning.

Instead: at the beginning do approaches with the mind set of “just experimenting”. Slowly you will start to feel a sense of lightness and pleasure.

When you start to feel that feeling on lightness and pleasure it means that you are “warmed-uped and shifted successfully to full hunting mode.

When you feel that you are at ease with what you are doing and feel happy and relaxed while doing the pick-up you are out of the warm-up state and entered full uptime state.

You are now in social mode which is almost the same like uptime state: it is the ideal mental condition for doing pickup.