There‟s no fast way. I think it‟s a mistake to actually tell somebody they can develop self-confidence quickly. I believe every guy has an edge in their life they stop at. Whether that‟s related to women, whether that‟s related to business, whether that‟s related to lifestyle, there‟s a certain point at which you‟re stopping. And there is a certain point at which you‟re not doing things that you probably should be doing. The best way to grow confidence is to start doing those things. So if you have a certain interest in something, do it regardless of what other people think. If you want to approach a woman, do it in spite of the norm which is not to do that. Self confidence is won through experience.

Now, along with that, Mystery used to say that competence breeds confidence, and I believe that‟s true. So take risks and do things that you might otherwise not do. That‟s one way to form confidence. But in conjunction with that, if you‟re going to learn how to skydive and you never even take a lesson you‟re probably asking for trouble. If you want to approach a woman and you don‟t even bother to learn maybe some simple skills of how to do that, you‟re asking for trouble. So become competent not to the point of being obsessed, but take risks and actions in life. Those two things together, that‟s the way to grow confidence.