In this post we are going to focus on five bullet points that will help us manage our time in a better way. and the first one is

1. There is nothing like 100% perfect time management.

Yeah that is true. We are humans and we cannot behave like a robot. We can manage what we have so we should not really about being a robot following commands. The better approach is to try to get done as much as possible for us so that because of the work left today, we don’t face any problems performing tasks planned for tomorrow.

2. Eliminate any activity that is wasting your rime

We have many activities that bring no good to us in terms of achieving our goals. May be you watch tv a lot or may be you are always chatting with your friends online when you should be focusing on your goals. What we want to do is to record our day’s routine, identify the activities that are simply wasting our time and replace them with positive ones. The ones that will help us achieve our goals.

3. Set Goals For Future

Having out goals defined helps us stay focused because we always know what we are after. Set your goals and come up with a time table and let your family members and friends know when you are available and when you are not. If you find yourself wasting time on internet 24/7, the easiest solution to tackle this problem will be to set a time limit.. For example  you can allow yourself to surf internet for 2 hours a day only. It will be a little hard on you initially but it will induce a positive in you and in your life as well.

4. Know what is important

Merely setting goals is not enough. You should also know that which goal is more important to you so that you can dedicate more time to working on achieving that goal and you should also learn to postpone something that is not important for something that matter most for you. Do not run after immediate satisfaction, focus on your long term goals.

5. Get assistance 

If you know someone who can help you get your work done, call on him/her so that you can focus on more important goals. If you can get your job done by others, for example you could be a boss in a firm , then you should get the work done by those who have been hired by either you or by someone above you. The work divided gets done faster.