This is a great mind mapping software that, as you know, is giving you a free year’s trial to use. This is my personal favorite.


This is a free mind mapping software program that can simply be downloaded and used. It’s what’s called open source software. When something is open source that means that it is free to use and the information used to create and build it is also readily available.

This has pros and cons for users. The pros are that it’s free and has a lot of different information out there about it. There are going to be many different forums and helpful information shared about this software. The cons are that the features may be limited and upgrades could either happen a lot or not at all. When the development community finds an open source software that they like they tend to put a lot of effort into making the software perform well. While this can be a good thing, it can also be a bad thing because when a software is constantly being updated it requires that users of the software be diligent in keeping up with those updates. Most average software users are not naturally diligent about updates which can cause problems in how it runs.

Ultimately, it’s great to have a free open in mind mapping software and this can definitely lower the cost barriers to entry for new users.

best mind map softwares


Mindmeister is a mind mapping software that is online based. It’s not completely free to use but it does have a free trial then afterwards, it’s as inexpensive as $4.99 a month for individuals. This online based software is good because it also has a mobile app that can be used on mobile devices. You can sync your online mind map to your mobile device and build on your map while on the go. This is very valuable as more people have to make decisions while moving.


Tony Buzan is the creator of the mind map and he has also created a software called iMindMap. It has a desktop computer version as well as online and mobile versions that make it very versatile. Plus, it has an option to create your mind map in 3D. It’s not free to use but there is a free trial before you have to pay a fee for it. The lowest cost version is the online/mobile version which starts at $20.99 a month. If you want to buy the software for personal or education use, it starts at $85 for one user. This program could be considered expensive for a mind map newbie but as you get more acclimated to using them, it might be beneficial to make the investment. As the software that’s affiliated with the person that invented them iMindMap will definitely be very robust and come with a lot of support.


Xmind is a free mind mapping software that also has paid options. The free version allows you to create your mind maps and share them online. If you want the ability to share your mind map via email or a file sharing service, you’ll have to upgrade it to the plus or pro versions which start at $79. There is a subscription service that costs $79 a month that gives you access to the pro features at a lower cost.

There are many other mind mapping software programs but these are some of the more popular ones. In spite of the cost, it’s definitely a good idea to look for programs that are actively being used by many people. This way you can rest assured that your program will be consistently maintained and updated regularly. While too many updates can be disruptive, it’s important that the software is not allowed to become stagnant. Since operating systems and computers change regularly, software programs have to upgrade to keep up with them for good functionality.