As the title suggests, in this post top dating and pickup masters will be sharing some of their best tactics and techniques with you that will help you attract more female friends in your life.

Julian Foxx On How To Attract Girls As Friends

julian fox on attraction

It’s just not having an agenda. It’s not hard to meet women. Women are everywhere: we see them in class, we see them in bars, we see them in book stores, and they are all over the place. I think the problem that guys have is that if she is very attractive, they will have an agenda there, and the problem is that women are very intuitive and can see that we have some sort of ulterior motive. And that’s why we are not successful in bringing them into the so-called friend zone.

Stephen Nash Revealing The Secrets Of Attracting More Friends To Your Social Circle

nash on social circles and attraction

Leadership is key. One thing that is very helpful is to become the center of your social circle or your community. Do things that women like. Guys get together and watch the football game on Sundays. Well, you’re not going to get any women if that’s what you want to do. But there are other things that women like to do, such as trying out new restaurants, going to museums, organizing an outing to see some sites.

Guys who live in New York, I always tell them, what are the five things that you always wanted to do in New York and have never done? Make a point to do them in the next six weeks and invite your entire social circle to go with you. So it’s really kind of activity dependent in a big way. If you’re doing things that guys like to do, women are not going to come, but if you do things that women like to do, then they will come. It’s really pretty simple. And if you’re in the center of that circle that’s moving and doing all these things you will eventually become the guy that the women are interested in helping set up with their friends, the guy they want to see do well socially because you’re the guy providing these cool experiences for them vis-à-vis these outings and events.

Yad Talks Of Day Game

attracting women during the day

Day game is so great, you can actually go up to girls and after having complimented them and opened them; you say “Listen, you seem like a really cool girl. I’ve got a house party happening in two weeks. Me and my friends are really looking forward to it and it’s going to be really cool and I think you should come. You seem like a really nice girl, bring some of your friends. It will be a really cool time.”

I did this with one really hot smoking American girl from one of these Ivy League universities. She was like the little princess. She had only been in London for three months and she said, “Oh my God, guys never talk to me like this.”

So the next thing I know she turns up with five of the hottest girls and I’ve got a bunch of friends there who I invited. We had about 40-50 girls there and only 10 guys, and it was one of the best nights we’ve had at the flat, and it all happened through a street game. I had told her “Only hot girls allowed.” You know that’s just sort of the natural standards if you’re so cocky because she’s hot. So she comes along and I ended up not fucking her, but one of her hot mates because she had told her, “Oh my God, I met this really cool guy who’s just so confident.” So I’m shagging her friend in the next room. Just bring a few guys together and go out onto the street and bring some party girls, and a few of them will turn up with mates. And that’s a great way of expanding your social circle.

Adam Lyons On The Art Of Making Friends With Girls

adam lyones on how to attract women

If you really want hot female friends in your social circle then you’ve got to make sure your social circle revolves around activities that hot girls want to do. Acting, photography, dance classes, any classes along those lines are going to attract hotter girls. Something simple one of my friends did was becoming a photographer. He built a website and contacted a bunch of models from online sites.

He told them, “Hey, I’m trying to build up my portfolio. Do you want to come and model for me?” And he had these girls come over to his house, took some photos and had some champagne for them. He ended up staying in touch with all the girls and they became an instant social circle of hot female friends. It is all due to the fact that he liked photography.

For me, it was taking an acting class. I have a whole bunch of girl friends. It’s so much fun. I’ve got some who are porn stars, but they didn’t really tell me they’re porn stars. Obviously, they’ve got higher ambitions. But it really does attract these beautiful women who come in and want to improve themselves and further themselves.

Alex Coulson Teaches On How To Attract Hot Female Friends

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You really want to attract them with your lifestyle. Have a great lifestyle. Do you think Joe Francis from “Girls Gone Wild” has issues? When he has a party do you think only three people turn up? No, of course not, it’s packed. There are so many beautiful women there because he has a fantastic lifestyle. My best advice is probably to throw regular house parties. I’ve got a friend who has a house party every month and he makes it spectacular. He gets a friend who is a DJ for the night. He sometimes has friends who are waiters for the night. He has them dressed in a tuxedo and T-shirt.

He can even go on Gumtree or Craigslist and hire somebody for $20 an hour to be an actual waiter and give out the drinks. And if you have heaps of friends by going on Facebook and you have heaps of people in your phone, message them all and invite them to this party. Make it spectacular, because if you throw these fantastic parties, word will spread and more people will come.

I’ve also got friends who pass out flyers. I understand it’s a stock flyer. They have about 500 flyers they pass out when they’re out. They say “Hey, we throw these parties every month. Come by.” And they give it out to guys and girls, again, because they’ll bring their friends, and yeah, you really just want to have a cool lifestyle. Focus on the lifestyle and the friends will come.

Bobby Rio Teaches The Art Of Bringing More Female Friends To Your Life

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Well, I have a formula I use for meeting female friends and it’s really simple but it just involves figuring out how they see themselves and then viewing them through that lens. No matter how hot a girl is, no matter what you think of her on the outside, she has her own vision of how she is. And when you can tune into that and treat her in that way and key in on the details about her life that she finds important and ask her about them she’ll get addicted to being around you.

People, especially women, crave to be heard and listened to. I don’t mean just casual conversation but really heard and they want to feel like somebody understands them and gets them. And when we find somebody who really listens to us, it’s like crack. If you want to make female friends, that’s the best way to do it. You do risk getting friend-zoned with that particular girl, but if your object is to make female friends who can introduce you to their social circle, that is the best way to do it and it works like a charm.

Brent Smith On How To Make Friends With Girls

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Having female friends is also important for practice in being indifferent to women. When men have a female friend who they’re not interested in they act one way and with a girl they think is hot they act completely the opposite. So it’s great practice. When I’m out I talk to everybody. We’re not just talking to the hottest girls in the room; we’re talking to everybody because we understand the power of knowing everybody. Because sometimes those super average looking girls will introduce you to their hot friends, or their hot friends like you because you’re talking to their average looking friends.

If we’re talking to a group of girls who we wouldn’t necessarily date or go home with, we might do something funny and do a little banter, but we’re not doing it because we want to get laid by them. We’re just doing it to have fun and then it’s amazing how that leads to them introducing us to hotter friends. When you think about going out, think about how you run into all kinds of women, average women included, and you’re very friendly and they love you, and they want to hang around you, and they want to introduce you to their hot friends.