Our brain is amazing thing. I would say we are nothing else but our brains. All the feelings be that sadness, joy, or anyother are a result of our brain. And what exactly controls our emotions? The answer is neurons and Glia and todayyou are going to read five facts related to our brain, neurons and glia.

1.Neurons are in millions

It is usually stated that there are 100 billion neurons but based on the latest research in this field we know that there are actually around 86 billion neurons present in our brain and with them there are 85 million cells. So we can can that there a lot going on in brain brains at all times. Animals have neurons too but we humans have a lot more set of neurons than any other specie on the face of the earth and that is what sets up apart from other species. Some people think that brain size is what makes us unique from other species but no it is not.

2. Our brain is elastic

Now i do not mean to say that you can physically mold your brain but yeah we can change it. All our habits. behaviors result from neurological connections. And based on what connection is activated at any time, we either feel positive or negative, thrilled or frightened. The good news is, we have control over these neurological connections, we can reinforce certain connections and suppress the ones that we are not happy with. We can even form new neurological connection. As a matter of fact we are always forming new neurological connections. Anytime we learn something new, a new neurological connections is formed.

3. Neurological connections are sometimes inherited.

As we have learnt that our feelings and behaviors are a result of what neurological connections are activated at a given time, it should be clear now that neurological connections are a kind of programmed code. We can inherit neurological connections from our parents and even grand parents. Now i am not saying that if your dad was a depression patient then you are going to be the same as well but yes there is a chance that you can be like him. Though there is nothing to worry about as we can always create new neurological connections at will and with a little persistent. Environment also plays a role in creating or reinforcing an already existing neurological connection.

4. You are capable of generating your own neural stem cells and neurons.

It is commonly believed that once we reach adulthood our brain stops generating new neurons but it is not true. Our brain is capable of generating new neurons at any age and these new neurons are capable of integrating themselves into existing network of neurons and function in harmony. The newly created neurons begin as stem cells and these neural stem cells can be useful in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases

5. You can control the number of neurons you generate

The process of generating new neurons is known as neurogenesis and excercise can increase the rate if neurogenesis and that means it can create more and more neurons quickly and that then results into a stable more active and tenstion free state of mind. Don’t just run for the gym now, let me finish first.

A word of warning, consumption of drugs like alcohol decreased the rate of neurogenesis causing you to feel hopeless and negative. A decrease in the rate of neurogenesis also means that it is getting harder and harder for you to change.

Just remember, your brain is always open to change, now it is upto you to change it the way you want your life to be. Now don’t let it just an other article you read online, let it be a turning point. Decide to take control over your life. After all It is YOUR LIFE