In this post i am going to discuss top three wide spread about Hypnosis. So let’s start

1.Hypnosis Is Used To Control Mind

Many people say that is it against ethics to use hypnosis because it allows one to control mind and thus makes him/her powerful enough to manipulate poeple. This is complete nonsense. Without your permission and willingness, you can never he hypnotized. So YOU have control over it.

2.Hypnosis Is Nothing More Than SleepĀ 

Many people believe that hypnosis is all about sleeping. No, it is not. The truth is that you always wide awake during a hypnosis session. You just feel more relaxed and this is what people associate with sleeping due to lack of knowledge. The only difference is that during a hypnosis session you subconscious brain is active to suggestions. You have more control over your subconscious when you are under hypnosis

.3: Hypnosis Can Cause Amnesia

People think that whenever they are awakened from a hypnosis session, they do not remember what happened and thus it makes the performer brave enough to do whatever he wants to do with you. This is a lie. In fact in some cases, when under hypnosis you remember even the minute details about you and your surroundings that you might otherwise have ignored.