We are going to reveal the trick to predict anyone’s number. You can use it to attract girls as well. Imagine walking up to a girl at a bar and revealing her phone number just by looking into her eyes! Do this one correctly and she’ll have no idea how you knew things about her that you have no business knowing. You can predict without fail: Her last name, PIN number or phone number.

The Effect

You walk up to a female and say, “If I can guess you’re phone number – can I call you and take you out?” Chances are she’ll agree because she’ll think there is no way in hell you could figure it out.

You ask her to borrow a pen or pencil (or just pull out your own), you write down a number on a piece of paper and sure enough – you’ve written down her phone number!

The Details

Now before you start salivating and think you’re going to actually be able to go around figuring out her phone number by reading her mind… remember – this is a trick.

Now that she’s agreed to your little “bet”, you ask her to borrow a pen or pencil. If she doesn’t have one, just take out your own. Tell her to look you directly in the eyes. Tell her that through body language and visual cues you’ll be able to figure out her phone number. You can say that you are psychic if you want but she’ll probably think it’s nonsense and then figure out that you must have used some kind of trick. People tend to actually believe you if you throw in stuff about body language or visual cues.

Now say, “Visualize the first digit of your phone number”. Tell her told hold that number in her mind (make sure to tell her to skip the area code). Mention that she’ll do something to give away what the number is through their body language or through her eyes. You can go into a spiel about how people tend to give things away without knowing it. You can say that you’ve studied body language or eye-accessing information gathering techniques for years. Pretend to write the number down on a thick piece of paper, index card or pad. A coaster works well at a bar as long as it has plenty of blank white space. The less it looks like you brought props with you – the better. Now tell her to visualize the next number, etc. Until she gets to the last number. Somewhere in there say, “Oh wow – you’re very easy to read. I could probably figure out a lot of other stuff about you too…

Actually I did pick up a few other things but I’ll tell you those later”. Saying this gets her very curious and gets her thinking that there may be a “later” that involves the both of you. Once she gets done visualizing the last number, tell her that you have the whole phone number. Until you get good at the trick, you may want to just say that you’ll guess the last four digits of her number. Give her back the pen/pencil or just put it down.

Now you ask her for her phone number. She says, “555- 6428”. You tell her, “There’s no way I could have known that, right?” Wait for her answer and continue, “Do you think I got it right?” She’ll probably say no way. You turn the paper over and sure enough you have 555-6428 written on it.


While you were asking her “There’s no way I could have known that, right?” – you were secretly writing the number down on the paper with something called a Swami Gimmick. It’s a device that looks like a small skintoned rubber band with a pencil tip on it. You can get this at a magic store. However you don’t need this. You can just use a little piece of pencil lead stuffed under your fingernail. If your nails are short, you can use a little bit of scotch tape and tape it to your thumb to hold it in place. Remember before when she thought you were writing down numbers? You really weren’t writing anything down. You were just moving the pencil/pen as if you were writing. So right after she tells her the phone number, you immediately start to write down the phone number with the piece of lead under your nail or with the Swami Gimmick. Keep the paper/pad close to your body and conceal the fact that you’re writing something. See the images below for the concept.

I find it works best if you do it with your thumb. This will take some practice to get it to work properly. Once you get good at this, it’ll work wonders for you. Actually, it’s one of the most useful skills I’ve ever learned in my life. I can now do it so fast and easily that people would never imagine in a million years that I could have written something with my one hand. It’s really not that difficult. If you practice, eventually you’ll be able to write with just one hand – practice, practice, practice! Now that you have her number – just take it, put it in your pocket and tell her that you’ll give a call tomorrow or just keep the conversation going. If you get really good at this, there’s no reason why you can’t go home with 5 phone numbers a night.