Before i talk about the practical ways to solve most of the problems that most of us face in our day to day life, i want to point out that it is completely natural to have some issues and problems in our life. Every one has, i have and you have as well. Having problems is actually a good thing in itself as it forces you to exercise your brain muscles to come up with solutions. And this is a well known fact that the more we use a muscle the stronger it gets. The same is true for brain.The more we use it, the sharper it will become and the more problems we have in life the more we will have to use our brains.

Problems are fun if you think about it. If we had no problem in our lives, our lives will literally be boring. Problems challenge us and it adds a special kind of fun to our lives. Think about how you feel after having successfully solved a problem?. We would never be able to feel this great feeling of being a winner without challenges in our lives.

Now are going to talk about the juicy stuff.

The two easiest ways to solve most of your problems

1. Solve the Problem

Yeah it looks so simple yet it is one of the best ways to solve most of the problems. Let me explain what it means. Some of the problem can easily be solved just by taking a little action but they exist because we are too lazy to take action. May be you know that you need to  buy some household stuff but you keep postponing it because of no valid reason. Now what happens is this that you always feel pressured and stressed because in the back of your mind, you know that you have to buy some household stuff and your subconscious makes you feel bad for it but you just ignore it and prefer to feel bad so that you could avoid taking an action. Now just think about it, if you start getting little tasks done right away without postponing them, how peaceful would you feel? So the first solution is to always get the little stuff done in time without wasting time in making plans for a later time that never comes.

2. Avoid the problem

This is somewhat related to your ability of looking into the future or say being proactive. You can prevent most of the problems from occurring just by being a little more attentive and responsible. For example if you are preparing for a test and you are supposed to memorize a list of 100 medical terms but what you do is this that instead of memorizing the 100, to save yourself time and to avoid the hard work, you just make random guesses about what is likely to appear in the paper and memorize just 60 terms. Now you are giving way to a problem and it is more than likely to occur. You could save yourself from this if you had taken your time memorizing the entire list of 100 medical terms. So be responsible and be proactive.