There are two types of communicators in this world. Most people fall somewhere in between the two…

The first is the beta communicator… the kind of man who is sucked into everyone else’s reality and makes himself into the kind of person he things everyone else wants him to be.

Beta males often apologize when others disapprove of their actions and make extra effort to be a “people pleaser” and make sure everyone else is happy with them.

This is the kind of man who has no spine and tries to be what he thinks everyone else wants him to be. He has a huge fear of being rejected or ostracized by society.

He believes that by being “proper” and “gentlemanly” because he is afraid of what others will think if he reveals his true personality and intentions.

He is also – and this is important – usually too shy and scared to approach women because he thinks he will offend or upset them… and even when he does approach he is usually so worried about what she will think that he puts on as much “personality makeup” as he can and hides his true personality to tries to careful not to do anything that might offend and upset a woman (and ruin his chances).

Because he tries to “play it safe”, can you make a guesses how he comes off to the woman?

Boring And Dull

On top of that, as a result of their fear of rejection they’re usually nervous, unconfident, boring, weak, submissive, needy and insecure.

By trying to be everything he thinks she wants him to be he’s doing every possible thing he could to turn her off.

Basically, his self-esteem is completely tied to what others think of him because he doesn’t believe his REAL personality is enough for people to like him.

Another example of this is a guy who tries to buy a woman things, do her favors or show off his material possessions (including muscles or physical features) because he is not confident enough that his personality alone is enough to attract beautiful women so he tries to be what he thinks others want him to be.

On a personality level he hides his true intentions and puts on a persona to meet standards which he believes others will respect him for living up to.

beta male

In reality however, his behavior typically becomes that of a pushover, fake and doormat.

He ends up with no confidence or self-esteem because his validation is completely tied to what others think of him so he spends most of his time trying to impress them.

What this results in at the lowest level is that these guys become doormats to women and even welcome a woman using them… all while feeling like shit on the inside.

Now, the second kind of man, which is what you should aspire to become, is the alpha male (that word brings about a lot more feelings of excitement and power, doesn’t it?)

The alpha male is the kind of man who makes no excuses for anything in his life.

He allows no one to control him and does what he feels like when he feels like and goes after and takes what he wants.

Think of a man like Brad Pitt.

Do you think he would go with his eyes to the floor, quietly telling a woman how he was wondering if she’d like to go for coffee sometime?

Do you think Brad Pitt would make some lame excuse to talk to a woman like asking for her opinion on something or commenting on something she’s doing?

Brad Pitt Photo

Hell no!

He would march right in, tell a woman he finds her attractive and take what he wants from her. He would confidently tell her he finds her attractive and he wants to meet her – no excuses, no bullshit.

He would be at the top of the alpha male scale.

Most guys, however, fall somewhere in between at the level of “pretender” level.

These are the guys who do things they want but they cloak them with some persona or image because they think it will be beneficial in helping them get what they want.

This is the guy who has the confidence to sit there and talk to a woman and flirt with her comfortably but he won’t be a true alpha male and come out and directly tell her he likes her – he’s bringing her into his reality but he’s doing it by creating a personality he thinks she wants to see.

As an example, think about the way most guys act when they approach a woman?

Even if they’re “skilled” and trying to act smooth they’ll usually come off looking needy and insecure to some degree because they’re not being unapologetic and making no excuses – they’re still trying to use some line or opener to catch a woman’s attention and are still plying bullshit games to get her interested in them.

More often than not, depending on how much below the level of “pretender” they are, they’re also probably not speaking dominantly and they’re looking at the ground with their voice shaking.

Alpha males don’t care if women like them and ironically, they’re the guys women end up going crazy for…

In a nutshell, alphas don’t go out of their way to change for other people.