Typically when you approach beautiful women (particularly in bars and clubs) it is quite common to be met with resistance.

I have been digging in to this idea for a long time and the reasons why women put up this front because I found it staggering that women could put up this front yet be so nice underneath.

After a lot of study, observation and thought I have realized why a woman’s resistance is possibly one the most misunderstood things by guys.

Women, like guys, have a specific set of behaviors they use when they believe something or someone is trying deceive or violate them or when they don’t understand what is going on in a situation and if there are ulterior motives. Attractive women can get very fearful of who to trust.

She is constantly concerned about who wants her for her body and who wants her for her real personality. This shield is, much like yours, her way of protecting herself from an unknown circumstance.

Think of it like her protection mode.

On this level a woman does not want you to ignore her or act like she is beautiful. In fact, many of these women love to be told they are beautiful from confident, real guys but also wants to know at the same time that you are genuinely interested in her as a person.

pushy women

Women want to be appreciated for their beauty but at the same time want to be respected and cared about as a person.

It has taken me a long time to realize this but men who can be totally honest and comfortable with the human condition and appreciate both will be to a woman unlike anything she has ever experienced.

He is not trying to act like he should ignore her looks completely but he is also not acting like they are the only thing that matters and this comes off as more natural than just about anything else.

Think of a time someone was really nice to you as they were trying to get something and you became very cautious and protected. You may have even smiled and been polite not wanting to hurt their feelings or make them feel bad but on the inside you had your guard way up.

That is what it is like for a woman who does not know what your intentions are.

In the case of a woman, especially if she is extremely attractive, is usually worried about whether a man only wants her for her physical beauty and just wants to get in to her pants.


Have you ever met a woman who would intentionally play with your head in an attempt to get you to chase her down?

Unless you were good with women your whole life I would bet the answer was yes.

Remember how the more you tried to chase it down the more unattainable she became?

You need to realize something:

This Is Not Her Personality.

What she is doing in these situations is putting on a metaphorical emotional mask to try and protect herself or trying to take advantage of you like a drug. She knows it is bad for her and knows it hurts your feelings but the power is something that is like a drug fix for her.

As for the resistance, women usually put up this front for two reasons:

1) The result of years of being hit on, embarrassed or violated.

2) It is the easiest, quickest and most efficient way to weed out and keep unconfident men from approaching her.

3) After being hit on 30 times a week, it is the fastest way for her to shoot down a guy she’s not interested in.

This is why I highly encourage and emphasize honesty. I have worked with a number of different methods and as I said before, at a central level women respond to one mind set:

Confidence Is The Only Value A Man Needs.

What’s funny is many of the same guys I have met who complain about a woman’s resistance aren’t much better themselves when it comes to putting up a front with a woman.

angry girl photo

When we meet a woman what do we really want to do at our deepest level of being?

We want to walk over to a woman and tell her she looks really gorgeous and tell her that we want to meet her.

So why don’t we do this?

Want And Need.

We are always so worried about what others will think of us that we actually create roadblocks for ourselves because we believe that we’re “above” showing real interest in a woman we want to meet so we have to do it the “cool” way where we “build our values.”

Because we’re so afraid of looking needy, pathetic or like we’re giving away our power we build up this persona over ourselves to present to women or anyone in our life.

So instead of being honest with her we wind up spending 20 minutes asking for an opinion we don’t care about and end up talking about pug dogs or trying to name the five oceans for 20 minutes.

This is where most men get confused and will say:

“I can’t be upfront with women. I’m not [good looking/rich/wealthy] enough.”

What came to me after careful study and observation is that we are thinking from our own perspective when we say this.

In the end, what makes you “good looking” to a woman is your confidence and not your eyes, nose, hair or jaw-line. In the scheme of things it doesn’t matter whether or not you look like a young Brad Pitt or a young Billy Ray Cyrus.

I’m going to tell you something that took me years and working with just about every dating technique and method under the sun to realize…

In The Next Post! Stay Tuned!