I call this technique the Power Associator. Find a quiet place right now and think of a time when you felt confident. It could be any time in your life. It could be as far back as early childhood or something recent. But some time when you felt very confident. It might be when you won a spelling bee, hit a double in baseball, won a ping pong tournament or asked a girl on a date and she accepted or when you graduated from high school. If you can’t think of anything for some reason, just vividly picture how it would feel to be completely confident (but I suggest really trying to think back to a real time in your life).

nlp for confidence

Make a vivid scene in your mind. See that moment very clearly. Get as vivid a picture as possible in your mind. Hear what sounds were around you. What smells did you smell? Make the smells stronger. Make the picture brighter. Make the colors very bright. Turn the volume up. Now feel how you were feeling then and turn up the feeling. Feel the emotions. That you felt. Turn up everything. Feel, see and smell the scene. Now take your right hand and make a fist, hit your left chest. When you do so, say POWER! By doing this, we’re creating an anchor [anchoring is the process by which memory recall,state change or other responses become associated with/anchored to some stimulus in such a way that perception of the stimulus (the anchor) leads by reflex to the anchored response occurring] Now keep the picture and feeling in your mind and hit your chest again and say POWER! We’re creating a physiological association with hitting your chest, saying POWER and feeling that confident feeling. Keep the thought in your mind and hit your chest while saying POWER once more. Repeat this 10 times. The more you do this the more the association is enforced. You’ll eventually be able to hit your chest, say power and conjure up this confident feeling on command. So any time you need to feel confident you can make a fist, hit your chest, say the word “power” and the feeling will come over you. This is a very powerful mind programming tool.