As we have already discussed the use of journey method to remember different type of information. Today we are going to discuss the Roman Room System, a system used by Romans for memory development.

What is the difference between Journey method and Roman Room system? The main difference between these two is that Journey method focuses on using extended journeys whereas the Roman Room System focuses on using a room with all the objects inside to remember data. In this post we will be learning The Roman Room System

In Roman Room System, you will be using different objects or specific areas in a room as hooks to connect to the information you want to remember. Dominic O’brain calls it using a journey within a journey. Fox example, if you are in a room right now, look around from your left to right. How many objects are you able to count? Perhaps there is a table, window, chair, television, and some pictures on the wall.

Now if you think about it there are probably hundreds of pieces of furniture, trinkets, books, appliances and so on and you can use all these and link them to a list of hundreds of items. That is it. That is what the Roman Room System is all about. Now let me give you an exercise so that you can try memorising anything using Roman Room System.

Following is a list of 30 words and your goal is to memorise all 30 words just by looking at them once. You will use a room or rooms and then link all the 30 words to different objects within the rooms. For example the first word is ‘Pen’. To link pen to a picture in my room, i will imagine a pen hanging down the picture, a big giant pen.

Pen Hen Butter Plant Perfume Nails Candles Milk Newspaper Vase Paint Red CD Soap Kite Sheep Map Cookbook Gold Ring Key Laptop Glass Eggs Club Salmon Peaches Pencil Toy Suitcase

Please you have to look at each word just once and i should not take you more then a minute to look at them all. You may find it hard to remember all 30 words in your first attempt but do not get discouraged and keep trying unless you can remember all 30 words in sequence. It is normal not being able to remember all 30 words in your first attempt but if you will keep on trying, within just a day or two, you will find it very easy to remember a list of 30 words in sequence. But you should not stop here, once you are able to remember a list of 30 words just by looking at them once, you should try to remember a list of 50 words and then 100 words and so on.

Remember in memory development it is very important that you never stop. Always keep pushing against your boundries because that is how you realise your true brain power. If you are never stopping then that simply means you are always progressing