You may have heard a lot about mind maps, but you might not y et know why mind maps are absolutely FANTASTIC to use in y our every day life.

Simply put – they can increase y our memory, help y ou study, let y ou retain books better, and really just start to improve every single area of y our life.

Let’s go over exactly what a mindmap is, first, and then we’ll go over how y ou can use one to improve y our life.

See, mind mapping is when an idea, word, or concept is explored through a diagram.

For example, may be someone wants to go through and explore a book that they just read.

They would put the name of the book in the center of the mind map and the supporting ideas and concepts are added through lines, circles, squares, images or shapes.

Information is highlighted by the use of color and other creative uses of the different elements used in the mind map.

They can either be done by hand or by using software but the ultimate goal is to flesh out a central idea or concept visually .

Many of us have used mind maps in some form or fashion without realizing we were doing it. If y ou’ve ever been in a class or workshop where the person leading it drew a central concept on the board then connected related concepts to it using lines, then y ou’ve experienced a mind map. Most likely it was a very simple form but it was one nonetheless.

Mind maps have been in existence for many decades and were born out of other similar concepts that have been around much longer.