This guide will help you understand the ins and outs of attraction. There are many great things about attraction and creating attraction. The first and most important part is that it is uncontrollable meaning with the right attitude and techniques, you should be able to attract almost anyone.

Women are rarely logical when it comes to relationships. Women have a gut-level reaction that creates attraction. Never try to attract women in a logical way. The game of attraction is about what works so stick to whatever works even if if does not make any sense to you.

How To Create Attraction With Women?

There is a difference of opinions when it comes to what really creates attraction.

According to Mystery, negging is what causes attraction. On the other hand we have David Deangelo and according to him being cocky and funny creates attraction.

Then we have Lance Manson who says bantering creates attraction.

What Not To Do To Create Attraction?

Most guys try to attract girls by being overly nice. They will buy them stuff and will always be available for the girl they are trying to attract.

techniques to create attraction

Does it really create attraction? What do you think? May be you think yes it creates attraction.

No it does not create attraction. All you are doing is wasting your time and money on someone who is never going to fall in love with you.

But there are some cases where this technique might work.

If you are with a women who was abused by her father or her ex, this women will feel attraction for you based on your behavior.

Here is a short video explaining what is attraction in the words of Afc Adam

Why? It is really simple to understand. Because she is in a sensitive mood and she craves affection.

Never try to attract these type of women because they are a mess. They will make your living a living hell.

So far we have established that being nice and buying gifts does not create attraction with high quality women.

And it creates attraction with women who are a mess mentally.

Lets Understand What Really Creates Attraction

Now we know that:

1. Money does not create attraction.

2. Being nice does not create attraction.

3. Buying gifts and dinner does not create attraction.

So what triggers attraction?

Burn the following line into your head:

It not about attracting women but making yourself an attractive person that creates attraction with women.

Some of the things that really create attraction include :

1. Your attitude.

2. Your ambition.

3. Your mindset.

4. Your confidence

5. Your staying calm even under high pressure situations.

It is all about you. Really!

Most guys are always thinking about girls!

What will she like?

What can i do to attract her?

How can i make her happy?

And this takes them miles away from the truth and from what actually works.

Lets talk about things that create attraction in detail

Your Attitude 

Have you ever wondered what those people you meet with on regular basis think of you?

how to create attraction with women

How do you come across?

Your attitude impacts your voice tone and your body language as well. You are always sending out signals about who you really are.

The first thing you need to work on to attract more women in your life is your attitude.

I am going to provide you with some cool resources to help you with your attitude.

Read 10 great ways to improve your attitude, how to improve your attitude and how to improve your attitude in 2015.

The Next Thing That Creates Attraction Is Being Ambitious

Being ambitious makes  a women feel safe with you as it shows her that you are not just an ordinary man but a man with goals who is going to be someone in future.

A man with ambition and goals will be able to support her in times of need. Such man will also be able to provide for her.

If you are having trouble with setting goals i suggest you read how to set and achieve your goals.

Being ambitious has a rock star persona that pulls people towards you whether they like it or not. We have already learned that attraction is not a conscious choice.

Resources To Help You Become An Ambitious Person

Read 12 steps to become ambitious, take online psych tests and finest answers to how to become ambitious .

Next Item On Our List Is Your Mindset

It is very important to have a positive mindset not only to attract girls but also to be successful in your personal and professional life.

People with positive and strong mindset come across as confident and women find this extremely attractive.

We have a nice post on correct mindsets to deal with women.

Stop trying to attack other people because you think they are not good. Instead try to help them be good.

Stop getting angry because people make mistakes and don’t do the stuff your way. Instead be kind and be a leader. True leaders never create a mess.

Stop hating your ex because he/she broke your heart. Be confident in the knowledge that you are a great person.

You can always improve your current situation. If you start working on yourself right now, work on your attitude, on your mindset, on your inner beliefs, within a few days you will notice that your life is beginning to change.

You can be a great person who everyone loves. It is very much possible.

Resources To Help You With Your Mindset

Read ten mindsets that will radically improve your business, how to change your mindset from fixed to growth and improve your chances of success by improving your mindset.

The Last Thing On Our List If Confidence

It is very important to be confident because it sends a variety of messages to the people around you. It shows :

1. You are a successful person

2. It will be fun and safe to be with you

3. You are optimistic

4. You will be good in bed

and many more.

Resources to Improve Your Confidence

Read how to supercharge yourself with confidence, power of beliefs a guide for pickup artists  and why you must have confidence.

In the end i will like you remind you that:

It is not so much about the techniques as it is about your attitude. Do not think that building attraction is a game that is played by learning techniques. Think of it as a lifestyle. It is all about working on yourself and making yourself an attractive person.