Personality attributes account for 32% of the total Base Attraction that a woman feels for a man. These are the characteristics about yourself that you can most easily improve. After all, these things are all controlled by your brain and you have control over that. We are creatures of habit so repetition can help you to gain any of the following attributes.


Confidence is the most important personality attribute that you can have. It alone will create 6% of total Base Attraction. Not only that, but confidence is part of the majority of other personality attributes, so it is difficult to measure. Confidence could help to contribute to over 20% of total Base Attraction, so take it very seriously.

Women are attracted to confidence because it relays a lot of messages. It tells her that you are not afraid to go get what you want, which is exactly how a provider should be. It tells her that you have probably had success in your life, which is also what a provider should be. Confidence hits an attraction switch as old as man itself.

If you want to build confidence there are a number of ways. The first thing you should do is take a look at your insecurities. Accept them, and understand there is so much more to a person. Look at Tom Cruise. Even in his latter years he is still considered one of the most attractive men around. The man is tiny, about 5’7. The reason he is so successful is because he understands that he is short, but that he has other good qualities. Face your faults, and accept them as every single person on this earth has them. The real reason Tom Cruise is so famous is because of his unwavering confidence.

confidence is attractive

Another way to gain confidence is to surround yourself with confident people. They say you are the personality of your five closest friends. That saying has a lot of truth. If you can’t surround yourself with confident people, start watching movies and TV shows with confident actors and model yourself after them. This will start to wear off on you subconsciously the more that you do it. Look at them as a father type figure. This will cause you to accept all they are doing both consciously and subconsciously and it is the reason sons are so much like their fathers.

After that, fake it until you make it. When people are kidnapped, one thing their captors will do is use psychology to get their prisoners to like them. They will force the captives to pretend they like their captors. After pretending for a while, the captives will actually start to like them. Once you pretend to be something for so long, you can’t help but be it.

This is how you should think if you want to be a confident person. “You are confident in what you say, confident in what you know, confident in what you do, and confident that you can get what you want.” If you want to improve your confidence, memorize that sentence or write it down and think about it every day.

If you understand people for what they are, and look at the big picture, there is no reason you can’t be the most confident person in the world. If tiny Tom Cruise can do it, so can you.

Desired by Women

The second most important personality trait that you can have is that you are desired by women, or to be known for being good with women. This, in itself, is an attraction trigger. The prettier the women that are attracted to you, the more attraction other women will feel from it. This attribute accounts for 4% of total Base Attraction. It may not seem like a lot, but remember that the average guy will only create 0 to 5% attraction with a woman. With this alone you can do what an average man can do with 30 times more attributes.

For example, if you are talking to a girl and your ex-girlfriend walks up to you to say hello. Your ex is an absolute stunner. When your ex leaves, the girl you were talking to will look at you and feel much more attraction than she felt before your ex walked up. She went from not knowing if you were desired by women, to knowing that you are desired by the prettiest women. This will skyrocket your status.

Another way to show this to girls is to have a picture with an attractive ex in your phone. As you are flipping through the pictures, go past it. Don’t linger on it. Just spend enough time so that she sees you with an attractive girl. Remember if you are bragging that the attraction will not work nearly as well, so you need to disguise it. You can also have a friend mention your ex model girlfriend in a conversation. Any way you can let it be known. Do it.

The reason women are attracted to men who other women are attracted to is because subconsciously it tells them that your children will probably be able to do the same thing. Since the biological point of human beings is to survive and reproduce and your children, like you, will be much more effective at reproducing, she will want her children to share your DNA. Remember this is all subconscious. These thoughts may not breach her conscious mind, but they will be there.


There are many very smart guys that believe that women don’t find intelligence sexy. They are wrong. Women do find it sexy, very sexy in fact. However if it is the only attribute that you have, it will only account for 2% of total Base Attraction. If you have nothing killing your attraction then it will only put you in the same boat with average men, and that is not where you want to be. You want to couple intelligence with other traits to make yourself more attractive.

When talking with girls it is actually an attractive thing if you do more sophisticated. However, don’t overdo it. If you are talking to a valley girl, the smart thing to do would be to talk at her level. Mentioning your prestigious university in a story is another way to help hit this attraction switch.

An aspect that goes along with intelligence is experience. When you have all these experiences, you will come off as being wise or intelligent. When you are experienced in a subject it will hit part of this attraction trigger.

The reason intelligence is so attractive is because of the obvious benefits in your career, especially in today’s society. Intelligence means you will better be able to care for her, and to support her and her children. Intelligence is becoming more and more valuable in today’s society. It should cause more attraction than it does, however, for thousands and thousands of years it meant a lot less in terms of being able to support a family. Other factors, like strength, were more important.


Identity is knowing who you are. It is a sort of confidence, but it is more. Identity is finding your place in the world and perusing it. Identity is having a purpose to your life, a purpose that is unwavering.

This is a very deep personality trait and it is something that is very hard to fake. Sometimes it takes some soul searching to obtain this trait. There is not one way I could tell you so that you can find your identity, you have to find that yourself. The only advice I can tell you is to step out of your comfort zone, it’s the only way to learn anything about yourself.

The reason women find it so attractive is because it is something most of them are trying to find themselves. If you have this quality, they will hope that it will rub off on them. Even if women already have this quality, they will like that you have it as well.


Being a leader is something I think all men are born wanting, they just don’t all have the tools to do it. Whether it is leading a sports team, a company, or a group of friends, women will find this quality attractive.

Becoming a leader is mostly done with ambition and body language. Having the skills of a craft and ambition to lead is only part of the battle, you need other attributes. In professional sports there are star athletes that their team mates look to for leadership; however, some of these athletes are not born leaders. Some have learned because they had to, and some still aren’t good leaders. The only thing these players naturally lack is body language.Body language is the only thing these players are missing, the only thing they need to be the leaders their teammates expect.

You can also be a leader in your interaction with women. You can lead the conversation around, talking about the things that you want. Women love talking, but there are many topics that will put them to sleep, so before leading the conversation around make sure it is towards something that will interest them. If you understand this, don’t let her steer and lead the conversation around. Leading the conversation will make her subconsciously get the impression that you are a leader type.

qualities of leaders

An interesting group dynamic that happens is when there is a group of people and somebody makes a joke; the group will naturally look to the leader to laugh before laughing themselves. If you become a leader, women will know because of all the little things that will come out in a groups’ body language. You don’t even need to try to show it.

The reason women are attracted to a leader is because for thousands of years being a leader meant that you would have the resources of all the people you led. Being the partner of such a person has obvious advantages for the girl, and for her children. Even today people who are leaders are much more likely to be successful. Being a leader, or owner of a company, means that you will make part of the profits of all your employees. Women subconsciously know these things.


Most people have noticed women’s attraction to a man who is dangerous. Famous serious serial killers get tens of thousands of letters from women who are obsessed with them. Men getting right out of prison have little trouble finding a girl to end the previous years they spent without sex.

If you want to obtain this trait I would not suggest killing anybody, or doing something that will get you landed in prison. If you will break any laws at all, stick to the minor ones. The best idea is to just have a dangerous look. Just the confidence in knowing that you can kill somebody, if you needed to, will come off as the dangerous attribute. You can get this confidence by taking martial arts classes. This confidence will be even better because it will not cause her to use common sense and stay away from you out of self-preservation.

Some more ways to seem dangerous are mentioning a past fight that you were in, or when you spent a night in jail for something. Be careful because you have to walk a fine line between being dangerous and too dangerous.

It is not clear why women find this so attractive. It could be the excitement that comes with it, or the fact that dangerous people are usually have Alpha type personalities, and an Alpha type personality has some of the other personality attributes of sexual attraction. Whatever it is, it is clear that women have a sexual attraction for dangerous men. Even when a woman uses their common sense to suppress their feelings, it still doesn’t mean they don’t feel that attraction.


We have all seen these types in the movies. They won’t talk much about themselves or their pasts, and they possess uncanny abilities that make you wonder about who they are.

The reason being mysterious is so attractive is because you could be anything. Her imagination will come up with things that you could be. She may wonder if you are a spy or a billionaire heir trying to get away from your day to day responsibilities. Both are realistically ridiculous but being mysterious opens up these exciting possibilities in a woman’s mind that she has dreamed about since she was a child.

Mystery plays off of curiosity, which is natural psychological behavior. There is also an entire genre of books and movies that play off of the enjoyment that people get from mystery.


The adventurous man lives a life of excitement; just by being around him, a woman leaves her boring world and enters one of excitement. An adventurer offers a woman a release from her day to day life. He can also find adventure in everyday things.

To become adventurous take some trips around the world to some exotic locations. Not only will telling her about your trips hit her attraction trigger for the adventurous attribute, but it will turn you into more of an adventurous person by nature. Remember the key word here is adventure.


Fear is the number one thing that holds us back from what we want to do. When you show a woman that you have conquered it, she will feel a very strong sexual attraction for you. Fearless is not really being fearless, it is more conquering fear. It means being brave at all times. Bravery is something that has been revered for thousands of years. Bravery is something that is needed to face many challenges and obstacles. As a man being brave will make you more successful in everything you do.

bold man, who is not afraid to take risks, is usually a successful man. Risk is part of life. A fearless man accepts that and embraces it.

Becoming fearless is as simple as facing your fears. If you are afraid of something, you must face it or else it will control you. Eleanor Roosevelt once said “Do one thing every day that scares you.” She understood the value in overcoming your fears. Do that for a year, and you will be a changed person. However, use common sense as well. The purpose for us as human beings having fear is to keep us safe.

The other thing that will make us fearless is understanding. We fear the unknown, and when we understand the unknown that fear goes away. If you fear women, it’s because you don’t truly understand them. Understanding will help with a lot of your fears.

fearless photo

To show to women that you are fearless, maybe you could break an obvious social rule in a funny way. For example, while spending time with a girl you could walk up to a complete stranger and ask where you can find lingerie. This may sound ridiculous, but you will come off as fun, and most importantly, fearless.

Protector and Dominant

All women want a man who can protect them. They also want a man who embraces man’s natural role. This is a large reason a man who has very little muscle and is weak willed is not considered attractive. You want to come off as a person who can take care of himself and others. You never want to let other people walk all over you.

To become this type of person you could start taking martial arts classes. Knowing that you can take care of yourself physically will make you come off as a protector. Also, hitting the gym and putting on muscle will cause you to seem more like a protector and more dominant. Understand that you are entitled to whatever you want in this life. Body language will also improve this personality attribute greatly.

An example of how you could show this trait is: while you are driving, and you have to break really fast, move your arm over as to protect the girl sitting in the seat next to you from flying through the windshield. It will hit a very strong attraction switch. Or if you are walking down the street together and a shady looking guy is walking towards you from the other direction, put her on the other side of you and keep yourself between the shady looking guy and her. She will notice this.

The reason women want this is because a dominant man who can protect her can also protect her children. These days that isn’t needed as much, but a thousand years ago this was almost a necessity. That hardwired attraction for a man like that won’t be weeded out after a couple thousand years of policed societies.


Passion is something all women find attractive. A relationship filled with passion is exciting. A passionate man is someone that enjoys life, not somebody that lives a droll, boring, nine-to-five life.

When somebody is passionate about something it helps others around them to see what is good about the world.

To become more passionate you need to look at life with vigor and fire. You are lucky to be alive and life is short, so live it to the fullest. You need to enjoy every moment of your life. If she asks about work you don’t have to say “Oh I’m just a construction worker.” You can say “I go to work and I get to create something new every day with these hands; I help make some of the biggest structures in the world.” It sounds a bit ridiculous, but if you say it like you mean it, it will be the sexiest explanation of a job that you can give.

Charming and Charismatic

People aren’t born with charm and charisma, people have to learn it. Whether they start learning when they are three years old or thirty, charm is something that people have to obtain themselves. It’s what can turn a boring story into an exciting adventure. You can use charm and charisma to get yourself out of any tight spot. They are very powerful tools, and not only for creating attraction with women. Charm and charisma are mostly shown with body language.

To become more charming and charismatic, the best thing I can tell you to do is to watch people who are charming and charismatic. Watch them over and over again. Imitate how they talk, how they smile, and how they move. Go out and practice speaking with people, but don’t just talk, focus on being charming. Focus on saying what you want to say in a smooth and eloquent way. Before you know it you will master this tool that has single handedly turned so many guys into ladies men.


Being aloof is an attraction trigger because it is the opposite of needy. An aloof man doesn’t need anybody. Girls find this very sexy. It is the opposite of most men, who come to women needing validation and attention. It is a breath of fresh air, and a very strong attraction trigger.

An aloof man doesn’t let outer things affect his inner calm. When she sees a man who acts unaffected by a woman’s beauty, he must have been around a lot of women. It will help hit the Desired by Women attraction trigger. A man who acts unaffected by a dangerous situation must deal with danger all the time. It will hit the Dangerous attraction trigger.

If you look at James Bond from the movies, you will see that he is the definition of aloof. He is unaffected by even very extreme events. He keeps himself calm, cool and collected at all times. He does and says things with no regard to how others will react. He is aloof in every way.

The first step in becoming aloof is understanding what an aloof man acts like. Maybe rent all the 007 movies for a study marathon. It will help you see the way an aloof man acts, and how he holds himself. You must think of yourself as calm, cool, and collected at all times. You don’t need any one girl, because there are many girls who are attracted to you. You are aloof.

However one thing to be careful of is that you become too aloof. If you are too aloof you won’t pursue women, and you won’t live life to the fullest.


Being fun isn’t as much of an attraction switch as most people think. After all look at most comedians. They aren’t known for being ladies men. However, this attribute is something every man should have today because of the way our society is set up. It is the most socially acceptable attribute, and can be used almost anywhere or anytime.

The reason fun isn’t as big of an attraction switch as people think is because for thousands of years being fun meant very little to whether you would survive or reproduce. It is only recently that this attribute has become so valuable.

To become fun you can surround yourself with fun people. You can start watching more comedies. Adopt the mindset that life isn’t to be taken too serious. Look for the fun and humor in every situation.

Remember that even though being fun is only 2% of total Base Attraction, that it is much more socially acceptable than other attributes. You can’t show how dangerous and fearless you are all the time, but you can show how fun you are. Every person should try to become more fun.