Most guys do not know how to talk to females and as a result they end up hitting a lull plenty of times in one sitting. This post will educate you on how to deal with lulls and awkward moments in the conversation. Let’s get started.

Bobby Rio On How To Deal With A Lull In The Conversation

The best way – if you’re hitting a lull in the conversation or if it was initially good and you start to feel like you’re losing her – is to tease her. You can’t go wrong by teasing her. Put her in a jokingly defensive mood. So you’re basically turning it around almost on her and saying, “Hey, if you don’t get a little bit more interesting, you’re going to lose me. You know, I can only carry this conversation for so long.” And you get to turn it around on her and be joking about it, and make sure she knows you’re joking and tease her. Teasing is something that never, ever, ever gets old. I’ve been with my girlfriend for a couple of years now, and my girlfriend is Colombian, and she has a cute Colombian accent. And for two years I have been imitating that accent and it never fails to get her laughing. I can spend five minutes just imitating her and it never fails. People just love to be teased. It’s just a very attractive thing to do to a woman. I don’t know why, but women love being teased, so that’s the best advice I could give you.

Here Is What Brad Jackson Has To Say

I like to take her to another area of the bar or to another place altogether to mix it up. Maybe I’ll just acknowledge that sometimes it’s OK to just sit there and stare at each other, even though society says it’s rude to stare. I say this in a funny manner that breaks the ice that’s forming and see how it goes from there.

how to deal with a lull (conversation techniques)

It’s always good to have a “Can you believe this…” story. Something you pull out just for those times. For instance, something shocking that happened – particularly in somebody else’s relationship – because women love to talk about relationships.

Brent Smith Says To Move On If You Are Not Having A Good Conversation Experience With A Girl

I say move on. Don’t fear loss. She isn’t the only girl in the world. You’ll meet another one. There is a new one printed every minute. And I mean that in the most positive way. Kind of retreat and go again. Retreat and go again until you really learn from experience how to keep a woman’s interest. We really just move on. I’m in hundreds of conversations a night sometimes. When the girls are doing their own thing, I just kind of turn into my own thing and don’t even say goodbye. I just move on. I don’t care. I stopped caring a long time ago, so I’m completely indifferent and carefree to the situation. That’s what I teach guys to do. Don’t worry about it. There is always another one. There is always another one. There is always another one. And you have to believe that.

You can reframe it as I’m the host of this party. You talk to everyone if you were the host. You’d say, “Hey, how is everybody doing over here? OK, cool. Well, great. All right, well, listen, I’m going to talk to some other people. Talk to you later.” And that in itself is sexy and attractive and powerful, believe it or not, and you don’t even show interest, right?

The unbelievably secret thing about this is that you don’t have to overtly show interest. When you overtly show interest it puts you in a place where she holds all the power. When you do what I said it shows that you are someone to be reckoned with and you are a total next level Alpha male way beyond the guys who press girls into a corner and manipulate them. I mean, it’s the next level of having fun.

Carlos Xuma Shares A Technique To Deal With Conversation Related Issues

Well, one technique is something I call the “Hail Mary” where you basically throw something out there that’s totally off the wall and sometimes may not even make sense because literally saying anything is better than saying nothing. Because in almost every single situation I’ve ever experienced, saying something is better than nothing.

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But again, we want to be a little bit more prepared and have a little bit more finesse. The best way is to point out the elephant in the room. In other words, if there is this pause in the conversation, – I’ve used this all the time and it works like a champ – you say, “Hey, wait a minute, did you hear that? I think that was our first uncomfortable silence. Cool. And we survived, high 5.” And I offer my hand up and she’ll give me high 5. She’ll think it’s funny because I was aware of what was going on the social situation, and I wasn’t afraid to say something about it. That’s how most people will relate to you more and drop their guard. It’s when they realize that you can deal with that and you don’t try and say, “Oh, I don’t want to talk about that.” If you keep doing that you’re going to seem like an uncomfortable person in social situations.

Christian Hudson Teaches How To Deal With Conversation Related Problems In A Club Or Bar

In a bar or club environment, it’s easy: Walk away and come back later. I know it’s not the trickiest of the tricks, but what’s happening is whenever two people are interacting the emotional state is being exchanged. And so if she’s drifting and if you’re drifting that means it’s more than just a conversation, there is the emotional state that’s breaking, it hardens. It’s kind of advanced to ramp that up real quickly with just some words. I could do it because I feel comfortable using body language, using eye contact, using a joke, but there are a lot of little nuances that are going to occur, that are going to make that shift happen.

And for a guy who is still working on the stuff, I would say, unless you’re working with a coach and he’s really teaching you and then helping you through some of the stuff, the easiest thing to do is to just bounce out of the conversation, and come back when you have more energy. After you’ve had fun talking to other people, then come back and reintroduce the conversational topic. Now, if you’re on a date, that’s a little bit tougher. But I’ll tell you that whenever I’ve had these situations occur in the past, you just have to sit there and you have to allow yourself to enjoy the conversation for what it is and not for what you wanted it to be. And you enjoy her for what she is in that moment, and not for what she wants to be.

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In a bar, her attention could wander, but on a date, you’re thinking, “I have to prove myself to her. I have to do something. I have to stop this from happening right now.” Let’s say you shift your mindset and you say, “What is it about her that I want to know? What beauty is inside of her that I can help her discover and bring out?”

When you start to change the way you think about her and perceive her, and you allow yourself to relax in that comfortable moment, you’ll have much better outcomes. Because those uncomfortable moments have always been the result of me working too hard to get her engaged in the conversation and me being nervous. The reason she’s losing interest is because I’ve been working too hard, and I haven’t been allowing her to just express herself. So if you can start from the mindset of “I’m not going to work that hard. I’m going to work enough to get her to open up,” then you’ll find those moments become fewer and fewer.

David Wygant Methods For Dealing With Lulls In The Conversation

I’m going to say something that’s going to blow everybody away right now. It’s called chemistry, guys. This is ridiculous. You guys are all like a man-child. And I’m yelling at you because I was the exact same way. Peyton Manning throws 60% of his passes, the other 40% end up in the gutter. Jose Reyes has batted 2.80. The other 7.2 hits end up in the gutter. A good salesman closes 2 out of 10 and makes a great living, and the other eight people go in the gutter. When you are talking to women, you think you should be right on 10 out of 10. It’s so ridiculous. It drives me fucking bananas, OK?

It’s called chemistry. You don’t have it if you are talking to a woman and you’re not connecting with her and you’ve done everything right. You opened her with an observation. You listened to the conversation, yet the conversation didn’t seem to flow. It’s because you have no chemistry with her and you can’t turn the attraction on. Just because your penis wants you to turn the attraction on, you can’t turn the attraction on. It doesn’t work, so walk away and realize that life is about abundance. There are millions of beautiful women out there who want you and there are millions of beautiful women who don’t want you. So when I’m talking to a woman and the conversation dies, I laugh and I say “no chemistry whatsoever.” Thank God I had the balls enough to walk over to her, talk to her, find out about it, instead of going into dreamland about her and not wondering if I would ever see that woman in Starbucks again.

That’s better than seeing her and not approaching her and then seeing her again three weeks later and not approaching her. Then you’ve waited six months until you finally have a conversation with her and realize there is no chemistry. There is no 100%, so stop thinking that you’re going to break the rules of life when it comes down to women. The rules of life are there for a reason, stick by it and you will stop being so neurotic about this.