Today you will learn how to handle a situation in which either a girl or a group of girls rejects you. Different relationship experts will share their ideas, suggestions, techniques and opinions. Let’s get started.

Vin DiCarlo On What To Do If You Are Rejected By A Girl At First

You need to develop a very specific internal mechanism for “deleting” negativity. This is also something we do in “Breakthrough Confidence,” but really what you’re doing is creating a kind of program that’s running in the background of your mind that just “deletes” negativity. One of the biggest problems that I see is when a guy projects negative outcomes onto neutral or even positive situations. So he’ll approach – and the women will actually be into him – but in his mind it’s not going well so he’ll eject from the situation. And you can actually see the disappointment on the girls faces when he does because they were interested.

So for most guys it’s actually a mindset thing. They see negativity when it’s not really there and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and a downward spiral.

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So aside from the huge mental component of this, there’s something CRITICAL that whenever you approach and get rejected you MUST remember to do: You need to walk away as if the interaction was GREAT and you’re only leaving them temporarily.

Why? You do it because other women are watching you CONSTANTLY. Women are always monitoring all the guys in the venue. They are constantly scanning the room under the radar to see who’s got status and who doesn’t.

So for example, what would your body language be like if you were grabbing drinks for your buddies? You’d be walking away as if you were on a mission. Most guys stand there or slink away transmitting rejection. You want to walk away like things are great: they loved you and you love them so much you’re going to get them all a round of drinks to celebrate.

If you do this right, you can actually turn a rejection into an event that actually HELPS you and makes you look even BETTER than if you didn’t approach at all.

Action Jackson On What To Do If You Are Not Well Received

I’m at this point in my life now where if I’m not well received, or for some reason, the girl is being a bitch to me or she has her back turned on me, anything like that, I split. If you’re not well received by the girl or the group at first, maybe try one other one routine or something to get them going, maybe an attraction story or something like that or a cold read, with some fun little routine. But if that doesn’t work, it’s not worth your time. There are so many fish in the sea.

Lance Mason Teaches What To Do If Women Do Not Pay You Attention

If you don’t get their attention right away, they do not love you or maybe they’re having fun and they just get distracted by something, just say “Oh, you guys are having fun. I’ll see you guys later.” So I’ll put my hand in the middle of the group and say, “Cool guys, I’ll catch you later.” I’m really getting their attention for that one moment and then they see me walk away.

You actually can go back later because you’ve done something really amazing. You didn’t over stay your welcome. You didn’t get all bent out of shape. You didn’t get all freaked out. You went there and you started a conversation. They weren’t into it and you left, and you’re a cool guy about it. And the second you leave, they are thinking, “Oh, I guess that guy was kind of cool and maybe we should give him another break.”

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And you actually can go and talk to them later, and they’ll be totally receptive: “Oh well, cool. We can talk to this guy. He’s not going to push things. He’s not going to get all bent out of shape.” So that’s what I tell guys to do.

Joseph Matthews Talks About What To Do If You Are Rejected By A Girl

If you’re rejected by the group, you have to have really messed up, especially if you use the short set method I described in the last question. As long as you come in with a fun, positive energy, people aren’t going to reject you.

Drew Canole Advices Guys Who Are Rejected By Women

I would just say move on. The way I look at it, there are so many women who want to be a part of this fun environment that we are creating, that it doesn’t matter. If three or four girls don’t like it, then I’ll just completely move onto the next group. I’ll make it a challenge to move 10 or 15 girls back to the table with me. To show the other girls what they are missing when they have a bad attitude.

Jordan Harbinger On How To Handle A Girl Or A Group Of Girls You Are Rejected By

It does happen. A group might say “You know what? Get out of here. Why are you talking to us?” And usually that has something to do with the delivery, but who knows? Maybe they just got approached by a bunch of jerky guys who insulted them and they don’t feel like going through it again. That’s OK. The trick is to not get emotionally reactive. A lot of guys will say, “You know what? Forget it. You guys are bitches anyway,” or some equally equivalent kind of immature reaction and that is not a good idea. That just shows them that their first impression of you is correct and that you’re not worth their time or that you shouldn’t be there. If, for example, I walk into a group of people and they say, “You know what? We’re busy right now. Can you just bounce?” I’ll say, “No problem. If you guys change your mind I’ll be around. Nice meeting you.” And I’ll do that with a smile on my face and nine times out of 10 at some point later in the night one or more of the people in that group will come by and say, “Hey, you know what, man? We’re really sorry. It’s just that we had just gotten into a pretty heated conversation about something and your timing was just way off, but it wasn’t you.” And I’ll say. “No problem. Can I get you a drink?”

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A lot of times that’s what happens. Granted, not everyone is going to like you and you can’t expect everyone to like you and you certainly can’t get down on yourself if not everyone does. But realize that a lot of times when you go up there, your approach is going to get rejected. It doesn’t mean you’re a loser and that you should go home and cry yourself to sleep. It just means that that group is not for you at that particular time.

Julian Foxx on ‘How To Handle Rejection’

Calibrate. There is a wonderful definition: the exact words are to measure the distance of artillery measuring by the last round hit. I think that’s a pretty good image that helps men understand what calibration is. You do something to fire off an action; someone responds in a particular way, and your next response is based on what her last response was. So you have to be good at calibrating and paying attention to what’s happening in the moment. Because you may find that initial lack of interest is just token lack of interest, that’s part of their game.

There have been a million times that has happened to me, where I have had the girl expressing disinterest in me and I almost gave up, but, in the end, a little voice in my head persuaded me not to give up. And the next thing you know, she is on the wheel with me. You have to gauge whether or not it’s real, but in general, I would advise always aim on the side that they are interested, even if they are not. Mathematically you are going to get laid more that way, versus if you give up prematurely.

Stephen Nash Teaches What To Do If You Are Not Well Received By Girls

We would always go a little further than we felt comfortable with. If you get the feeling that the temperature is dropping in the room and the lights are turning off, the people are clearly not interested. OK, that’s fine. It happens, and you accept that fact. But sometimes there are women who are just quiet –they’re a little more shut down. They’re a little more reserved. You can never tell so we would always go a little further than we felt comfortable. My advice is to hang in there a little longer because there have been more times than I care to admit that I was wrong and that the woman was just kind of quiet or she was distracted or some other thing was going on her head and it had nothing to do with me. So you’re giving yourself a chance for that to happen.

But if for some reason you bomb and the women are not interested, you could learn 53 different gimmicks to try and deal with it or you can just move on, and I’m one of the guys who just moves on.

Yad Teaches How To Handle A Girl Who Rejects You

I believe in energy. You have to look at why they have not been open to your energy? If there’s one horrible girl in the group, I wouldn’t acknowledge her. I always concentrate on the most positive member and then slowly, but surely, the ones who are being a bit bitchy, they see their friends enjoying it and they think, “Oh maybe I’m just being a little bit stupid, why I am being like that?”

I always engage with the ones who are being responsive. A lot of guys make this mistake, when one is not being responsive, they try and concentrate on her and what that does is it fucks you up with the rest of the group because they are thinking, “Why are you wasting your energy on her? We’re giving you a good response.” There’s always one that’s smiling, so concentrate on her.