In this post, experts will be sharing their techniques that will help you get girls back at your place. Seriously, if you are really into the game, you must learn this. Let’s get started.

Vin DiCarlo Method For Getting A Woman Back To Your Place

There’s really just one key to getting a woman to do ANYTHING . Anything you want to get her to do really comes down to intrigue – which you can think of as your “currency” for getting women to do things for you. I’ll give you some great techniques for getting a woman to come over to your place in just a minute, but first, let’s talk about the “preconditions” that have to be in place before you can get her there.

a girl back at your place

The first one is pretty obvious: She has to feel SOME base level of safety. This is important because while she needs to experience some kind of “sexual threat” (just the possibility that you WILL have sex with her) she should NEVER experience any kind of physical threats to her safety. So she needs a base level of safety.

In fact – one of the first things I figured out when I got really good using text messages to set up dates was that the stronger my intrigue was, the more I had to balance it with safety.

The second thing that you need is a cooperative frame: in other words – the feeling of being on the same team as opposed to playing AGAINST her. This is a trap I see guys get stuck in all the time. By using game or even the IDEA of using “game” they start to feel like the girl is an opponent they have to conquer. And that idea couldn’t be FURTHER from the truth. Luckily, it is something that you can fix pretty easily just by using some easy role playing techniques.

And thirdly, you want proximity. In other words, if you’re trying to get her to come over to your place, you don’t want to have to drive an hour and a half to get to your house. So you want to plan out your time together so that you are continually getting closer and closer to your place.

Now once you are nearby – whether it’s a nearby bar or restaurant or coffee shop, or even taking a scenic walk – the best – and I mean the very best way for getting her to come inside with you is to say this line: “You can see my place, but you’ve got to promise not to laugh.”

Now what’s interesting is that I discovered this by ACCIDENT. I said it, not expecting it to work, and it worked so well, I’ve used it ever since and it’s NEVER failed. Then all you have to do is have a solid plan inside your place, which we’ll talk about next. Here is more advice on getting girls attracted and taking them home.

Action Jackson Explains How To Get A Girl Back At Your Place

Even though I’m not a fan of “same-night lays” and “onenight stands” it is important to get a girl to come over and see your place by the second or third date to get her used to that environment. That way later on she’ll be comfortable when you do say, “You know, hey come on over and let’s watch a movie or something like that.”

But I actually have a technique to get her to come over: I invite her over for an innocent fun little cake decorating contest and it works. And I’ll say,“Yeah, whoever decorates a cake first is going to win”. What’s cool is that if you just tell a girl “Come over to my place,” she’s usually pretty hesitant, but if you can have her meet you someplace else, like in this instance, I’ll have her meet me at the grocery store to get the cakes or to get the ingredients or something like that. You just act like what we’re going to do is natural. It’s no big deal and you say, “All right, cool. We’ve got the stuff. All right, let’s go back.” We’ll go back and decorate at my place. If you wanted to just drive in the same car or do you want to just follow me there.” And you act like it’s no big deal, and that’s been the best way that I found to get the girl to come over. It’s not by having her directly drive to you, but by having her meet you somewhere and then at that place there is a reason for you to have to go back to your place. Here is another dating guide to help guys get girls home.

Bill Preston Says It Depends On The Structure Of Your Date

It starts with the structure of the date. When I go to hang out with a girl, I usually try to hang out near where I live.

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We will have a few drinks at a nice lounge a couple of blocks away from my place and then we’ll move to a wine bar about a block away and then I’ll say, “Hey! I’d love to bring you over and share this great bottle of wine I’ve been waiting to open.” And you might say, “I have to wake up early in the morning, so why don’t you come over for 25 minutes and we’ll try the wine and then I’m going to make sure you leave.”

So, you really have to get it out of her head that your whole objective is to sleep with her. Now, one thing that works even better is the first time you are hanging out tell her that you are having a great time and would love to bring her back to your place, but you have to get up early. “I can’t tonight but I’ll call you later” and literally give her a kiss and be the one to break the kiss. Push her stomach just a little tiny bit, a little softly – it’s sexy – and hail a cab for her. So, that kind of action tells her that you want her back at your place but you can’t get her back that night.

Now, the next date, which can even be the next night, can really be as simple as, “Hey! I just want to make some pasta. You should come over and make it with me and we’ll enjoy a bottle of wine.” And you have already demonstrated that you have patience and you didn’t actually jump on the very first opportunity and 99% of the times, she is going to come over and you are going to have a great time and she probably will sleep with you. You might be interested in reading where to go on the first date as well.

Lance Mason Sharing His Methods For Getting A Girl Back To Your Place

Once you figured out the logistics, once things have gotten really sexual, I found the best thing that works is the simplest. And the key to really bringing a woman home consistently is to make it appear spontaneous and to make it appear like something she had no choice over.

The more you talk about it, the more you’re asking her to accept responsibility. It’s much easier to just be somewhere and when something boring happens “Oh my God, this is so lame.” And just grab her hand and say, “Let’s go.” And just walk out, that’s the best way.

If you tried other ways and you tried this way, you’re going to realize it’s amazing.

Joseph Matthews Says He Likes To Set Up Situations Where It Is Natural For A Girl To Go Back To His House

Basically, I like to set up situations where it’s natural for her to come back to my place. The way I usually do that is I’ll set up a date so that she has to come to my place to begin with. I’ll say: “Oh, why don’t you come over to my place and then I’ll drive us to dinner,” or something like that.

The idea is to introduce her to my place because if a girl has never been to your place before there might be some fear there or some type of anxiety about actually going back to sleep with you. So I bring her there first in a non-threatening way.

how to get a girl to go home with you

I’ll bring her in and give her a quick tour and introduce her to my dog, whatever. Just so she has that mental image and that comfort level about my place. Then we’ll go out and at the end of date, it’s natural to come back to my place because she parked her car there. I’ll say, “Hey, do you want to come in for like a drink or whatever?” So we come in, and then from there we can go right to the bedroom, or if you need a little bit more time, we might do something like start playing a game where the loser has to kiss the winner. Here are more first date ideas for men.

Drew Canole’s Thoughts

A lot of times you are meeting in clubs and she is in a party mood, she is having fun and you want to keep that energy level up. So, you are constantly supplying energy to that fire. Tell her that you are having a little get together at your house and there is going to be a dance competition. If she asks specifics on who is going to be there, I would just say “It’s going to be a blast, a little get together at my house and you are coming with us. You can do that pancake thing, we are going to make some French toast and you are going to cook for me.” But make it real funny, joking around her all the time and take that non-verbal thing and confidence into action, it’s the mixture of all those things.