Today you will be learning how to handle most common female shit-tests including when a girl calls you a player. Let’s read what experts have to say on this subject.

Vin DiCarlo Shares His Techniques For Handling Shit-tests

This definitely depends on the type of woman you are dating. That‟s why “Pandora‟s Box” is so important for understanding the different types of women.

Some women are cool with it, and in fact, they are very responsive to jealousy and player-like behavior. If you say, “Yeah so what?” then you are being really dominant and shows her that you don‟t care what she thinks. But only certain girls like that.

On the other hand, some women hate that type of attitude. What if her last boyfriend was a player and that relationship was a really negative experience? Then she‟s going to be screening for that type of behavior so that she can avoid it.

And some guys will say that you need to respond in a certain way every time to this kind of test. That basically tells me they date the same type of woman every time, and they are only really successful with one really specific type of girl.

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But you might actually prefer a different type of girl. Maybe you don‟t want to date a female player and you want to find an honest, sincere girl that‟s great for a relationship so you need to adjust your strategy. The way to know which strategy is going to work is to first know how to “profile” the girl you‟re interested in.

So that‟s where “Pandora‟s Box” comes in, and that‟s why I‟m so excited about getting the word out there. Because it‟s really helped me end a lot of things that used to be really frustrating for me, and it‟s ended those frustrations for a lot of other guys, too.

Really what it comes down to is paying attention to the person who is in front of you and adapting the way you relate to a person to the exact way THEY want to be related to. It‟s actually one of the most simple, basic things, yet most guys I know screw it up because they treat all girls the same.

Most guys are actually using really powerful techniques, but the problem is they are using them on the wrong types of women so it gets them rejected. The average pick up artist is out there in bars and nightclubs a couple nights a week, so you know what type of girl they are going to be running into most of the time. And if that‟s not the type of girl you‟re trying to go after then you need to get a new strategy and at the very least know the very basic method for profiling the woman you‟re trying to get.

Action Jackson On What To Say If A Gilr Calls You A Player

I‟ve come up with basically a direct statement on the way to handle this that works brilliantly. Write this down because it will allow you to be 100% honest and have integrity and still be dating multiple women, and those women will be OK with it.

So, on the third date, I always tell the girl this, I‟ll say, “You know, look, I like you and I‟d like to keep dating you, just me and you. But you need to know there are other women who I‟m also interested in and they‟re interested in me, and if you‟re not OK with that then we‟re just going to have to be friends.”

And you think it would scare a lot of girls off or a lot of girls would reject you. A lot of guys would be afraid to deliver that line because they don‟t want to lose the girl, but women are actually attracted to confident men who know what they want and aren‟t afraid to say it. And knowing what you want and saying it increases the chance that that you‟ll get it.

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Setting these ground rules is really, really important to do because the other thing it‟s going to do is put her at ease because there is not going to be any confusion about the relationship or where it‟s going.

If the girl you‟re seeing has a problem with your “ground rules” that you‟re laying out for her, it‟s usually a sign of insecurity or co dependency, and those are big red flags.

Bill Preston Answers What To Say When A Woman Calls You A Player

There are a couple of answers to that. The first one is fun: “Yeah, I am a player. I‟m dating 600 girls right now and you are number 574,” and that‟s obviously just playful. If it is someone who you have just met, you can really be silly about it. Now, once you‟ve started hanging out with somebody and they have that same question, you can‟t just be a loaf like that. You actually have to answer. The answer I give which is really based in truth because I always like to be truthful with women is to say “You know what? I used to be a player. I dated around. I still am dating around and I‟m just really looking for that one person who will be perfect for me.”

Lance Mason On How To Deal With Shit-tests

One of my favorite phrases is that everything she does is cute. Whenever she does something that normally would worry a guy or stress a guy out I‟ll say “Oh my God, that‟s so cute. You‟re jealous already? Seriously? Already? That‟s awesome. I love this girl.” I‟ll put my arm around her, right? But whenever she does it, I just want to think that‟s awesome, it‟s so cute. It‟s always cute. It‟s always fun. Here‟s the thing.

She doesn‟t really know what a player means. She doesn‟t know if it‟s a bad thing or if it‟s a good thing. What she wants to know is if you‟re ethical and if you treat women right, and the way she can tell if you‟re ethical and you treat women right is how you react when you get accused of being unethical. And if you freak out and you get all defensive, she‟ll think, “Oh wow, he must really have issues. Maybe he really feels guilty about the way he treats women.”

But if you‟re just fun about it and say “Oh my God, that‟s so cute. You know that‟s awesome, right? Well, seriously, that‟s good. I like that.” Then she‟ll think, “OK, well, I don‟t know how many women this guy is dating. I don‟t know what his situation is, but what I do know is that he feels comfortable with it and that he truly in his heart believes that he‟s just out there having fun and he‟s not hurting anyone. And I can tell by the way he responds and by the way he‟s fun with it, by the way he doesn‟t get all freaked out when I accuse him of being a player.”

Joseph Matthews On How To Answer Are You A Player Question

Well, typically if a girl asks you that, you‟re doing something wrong because the girl doesn‟t trust you. She likes you, but she doesn‟t trust you, and maybe she has good reason not to, I don‟t know.

One of the best lessons I ever learned was from a friend of mine who is a great pick up artist. Every time he is with a girl, he makes her feel like she‟s the only girl in the world. When you do that, girls never question whether or not you‟re seeing some other girl. And if they do, then there are some trust issues there, so you usually need to address that. If you are seeing other girls and you don‟t want to lie to her, you just say “Look, I have been dating other girls, but that‟s just because I didn‟t think you wanted anything serious, you know.” So it‟s just a question of about reframing.

Drew Canole’s Thoughts On Handling Shit-tests

Straight up, tell them everything that is true, even if the girl asks if you are having sex with other girls, just be straight up and honest with them and say “yeah, I‟m having sex with them.” That way she understands that you are very desirable, that you are demonstrating higher values that you have that social influence, it‟s something that is accepted, but you have to tell it in your words. Personally I have never cheated on a girlfriend and so I can tell her that. I think it‟s keeping it short and to the point, “Yes, I am dating, 3,4,5,7, other girls at this point.” That becomes attractive. Women actually love that. So, the truth sells and truth is always more important.

Jordan Harbinger Shares His Thoughts On The Subject

Yeah, I used to get that a lot and sometimes I actually still do, “Oh, you‟re a player.” And you really have a choice. Now, it‟s a standard test that women will throw out there just like any other tests. And you can either ignore it, in this case a lot of times that would work and she won‟t care. You can banter it away and that sort of means making a funny joke about it: “What is it about players that you find so attractive?” And she‟ll usually put her hands on her hips. Or you can go along with it and exaggerate it a lot. You can say, “Yeah, you know what? All I do is go around and run around this club picking up a lot of chicks here and taking the window of opportunity while you can,” and just jokingly deliver that, of course, so you don‟t sound like an arrogant jerk.

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What she‟s really saying is why should I believe that you‟re actually interested in me and that you actually are going to follow through on this or do you just want to hook up. So if she‟s really attracted to you she might throw this test at you and you can say, “You know what? That‟s funny you should say that because I don‟t hear that a whole lot, but you know what I like about you is that you really call out something that most girls are afraid to say. I like that you‟re dishing out a little bit of sass.” And then you can grab her by the hand, change venues, physically move her around a little bit.

The truth of the matter is you‟re not going to convince her in any logical level that you‟re not a player by saying, “No, I swear, you know, I don‟t normally do this.” That will only going to land you in hot water. That‟s only going to dig you a nice big hole that you might not have any luck crawling out of. Don‟t try and logically refute it. It‟s just a test. If you play along with it or you banter it away, eventually she‟s not going to care.

If she‟s really interested, if she‟s really attracted, she‟s going to hook up with you anyway as long as she doesn‟t hear from half the girls in the club, “Oh, stay away from him. He‟s a slimeball. He‟ll sleep with you and never call you back.” As long as she‟s not getting that kind of information then you don‟t really have anything to worry about. Her testing you like that just means that she‟s interested, that‟s all it means.