In this post you will be learning what to talk about with a girl to initiate conversation with  her. Let’s read what our experts have to say.

Nick Quick Shares His Tips On What To Talk About With A Girl

You know, that’s funny, I am going to claim that I created the „hey’ opener. Now, that is not true, but my favorite opener is actually just, “Hey.” I know it’s really, really witty. It’s really original, but yeah, I just walk up and say, “Hey.” And the reason I do this is, well, for two reasons: One, it’s really not all that much. So if you’re familiar with my methods, I really want to get the girl to invest in the interactions.

This is an opener that causes or baits her to invest in the interaction. Because any response she gives, she will backward rationalize that she put more into the interaction than I did, because all I did was say hey. Now, the other thing that’s awesome about this opener is that if you can handle it, and yes, this is one of those openers that is going to be a little bit uncomfortable because you are some strange dude coming up saying hey, but you hold it. And she’s going to be like, “Wait, what? What?”

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And if you can hold that and be comfortable with that tension, she will know that you are able to handle tension and any tension between a man and a woman is sexual tension. Just by the very nature of you having a dick and her having a pussy, she will deal with that sexual tension, and know that you are comfortable with it. And so you are already starting that process of creating tension right off the bat.

Richard La Ruina Teaches How To Talk To A Girl

I’ll use some openers that I’ve not used for years, but work. I don’t use them now, but I’ll give you one for the daytime, one for the nighttime. The thing to bear in mind is that they are very flexible so you can stop a girl in the street with them. You can use it in a coffee shop. You can tweak it to use it in a store, on the subway or wherever, just with a little bit of tweaking.

One I’ve used in the daytime that works really, really well goes like this: You approach the girl and say, “Hey, I need your advice. A friend of mine had to rush away on business. He’s given me two hundred dollars and asked me to get a present for his girlfriend. Now, I’ve been walking around trying to come up with ideas, but I’m just totally stuck. What do you think?” And this is a nice one because it’s a good one to use in stores. If you’re in the coffee shop, you can say, “Listen, I’m about to go into shopping mall or whatever and get some (whatever it is). You can use it like that. You can stop a girl in the street. You could even be in women’s clothing stores. You can use it pretty much anywhere in the daytime. You can even use it in the nighttime by saying, “Tomorrow, I’m going to go shopping, blah, blah, blah.” So with just a little bit of tweaking, it’s very, very versatile.

There are a lot of openers you can only use in an elevator or in the gym or whatever. But this is one you can use pretty much anywhere. Also it’s a legitimate reason to talk to a woman. She is going to understand why you are talking to her. We use it on our boot camps and guys have a 95%-plus success rate in getting into conversations with girls using the opener.

The nighttime one is probably more powerful because you need to be a little bit more engaging in the nighttime. So you might need a little bit more energy, and it goes like this: “Hey guys, I need your advice. My friend is coming in twenty minutes and he wants to propose to his girlfriend tomorrow. Now, he wants to talk to me about it, but the thing is I think it’s a terrible idea. I’m in a really tough position because I’m sure he’s already made up his mind about it. So, if I tell him, I don’t think you should go through with it, he might just disown me as a friend. But if I tell him, „Sure, get engaged. And then it doesn’t work out, I would just feel terrible, so what do you think I should do in this situation?” And again, this works fantastically because it’s got tons of drama. He’s coming in twenty minutes. He’s going to propose to the girl and you think it’s a bad idea. This one is guaranteed to get you in a conversation: If you are talking to multiple girls, they’ll all put in their point of view. If you want something that’s pretty much guaranteed to work, either of those openers will get you into a conversation.

Scot McKay On Best Openers To Talk To Girls

If there is something to be said, I’ll go ahead and say it and I’ll give you an example. I was at a grocery store the other day buying some things and a beer. I was buying snacks for my son and for some strangers and the things that I was buying weren’t just for me. They weren’t exactly green leafy vegetables, OK? A guy in his mid 50s comes up behind me. He’s buying everything healthy that you can possibly imagine, and I’m just looking at what he’s putting on the conveyor belt behind me thinking, “Man, that’s the way I should be eating.” And then the next thing you know as soon as I say that, up comes the Hot Pockets and Nachitos and stuff like that, and I couldn’t help but start laughing because that completely confounded what I was thinking.

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So I went ahead and I said to him, “You know, I was thinking to myself, „Man, I should be eating like this guy, until you start putting up Nachitos and the Hot Pockets and ruined it.” And he started laughing and he started talking to me. Again, it doesn’t matter who he was, I was going to say what was on my mind because it was on my mind. I think a lot of times we’re pressuring ourselves to look for something to say when what we need to say is right in front of us.

If it’s a woman you want to meet, it’s easy. You say, “My name is Scot.” I think that’s fantastic. If a woman gives you her name after you introduce yourself, well then she’s probably at least interested in continuing the conversation. If she doesn’t and she’s kind of skittish and she’s trying to run away from you, maybe she’s not so interested.

Jon Sinn Uses Different Openers To Talk With Girls

I have a lot of different openers for different situations. I don’t think I have one that’s like a default that works in every situation.

The best approach during the daytime is if you see a girl you want to talk to, it’s just a real simple direct opener and that’s something like, “Hey, I know this is really random or crazy or whatever, but I noticed you and I had to risk embarrassing myself to meet you. I’m John.” In that case there’s a lot of pacing in that. The actual wording on that is important because it paces a lot of the situation.

I think situational relevance is super important when it comes to openings. So with a direct opener during the day, most of the time girls are going to be shocked. That’s what people forget when they kind of look at a direct opener, so that kind of paces it and shows that you understand that it’s not that normal of a thing. Another opener I really like is my Facebook opener and that’s kind of an all purpose opener, too. It’s another direct opener: “Hey, you know, I wanted to meet you guys. You can consider this a real life Facebook request. Do you want to be my friend?” And it’s just kind of cute in the end and fun, so those two are good.