Winning is not everything but wanting to win i. always play to win and do not play not to lose. Do not talk myself out of the game an disqualify myself (there is a chance that I wasted dozens of women by doing that) do not think low of myself, and be willing to take the risk to reap the reward.

The time where I get butterflies and get that out of my comfort zone feeling is when I reap the most rewards. If I do not take action I will miss an opportunity of getting what I want.” You miss 100% of the shots you never take”. Remember low risk low reward, high risk is high reward! And there is no freaking downside. Do not play defensive and play to win. Sometimes showing up is just enough to win. It’s the crucial moments that make or break me (do not assume anything about a women just I like her! go in) and I need to recognize these moments.

I will never regret the approaches I made but will definitely regret the ones I didn’t make.

I will have a hell of a lot more fun when I play to win then when I play not to lose ( just grow the balls and go for it, It won’t come on its own) act ! And act quickly.

Madator PUA

It boils down to fear! Break it get my hands of the steering wheel for a while and be comfortable with risk and being able to get out of my comfort zone. Go for the girl that I really want not for the girl that I think I could get. Major difference. Get used to the butterflies. Remember courage is not the absence of fear it’s the ability to act inspire of it.

Everything is a test. I do not know when something is going to work I need to try with every girl.

It’s about building skills not just results. Even I don’t succeed I am creating a skill along the way and I am creating momentum and momentum makes someone unstoppable.

The signs of playing not to lose: fear of rejection (with this one I am taking myself out of the game and taking the decisions for the girls instead of them, plus it limits what is possible), not asking for what I want, ejecting from a set too early, being content to know she likes me, settling for a woman I don’t want.

PS: The three steps to overcoming rejection are: 1- changing the meaning (make it about the story! or make a story for her to tell the next day, and become curious about the women I am approaching)

Must accept it as a part of the game (experience the emotions of getting reject, face it, admit it and let it go.)

Must fully accept it as meaningless and I learned from it (think of it as building a muscle! It’s about creating the habit of going for it and that is more important than the results or the rejections.)

Make a lesson of the rejection and make clear of what could have I learned about that, what skill did I build and what skills do I need to work on, and it’s all about infield calibration) learn from it and let it go. And never think if it again except it is to recall what I learned.

Define what I want, define what I don’t want, set up the standards that I see fit in a girl and go after this specific type of girls. Define what winning is to me and make a commitment to go for it relentlessly. For example when a girl is ready to be kissed make a go for it.( no waiting no over analyzing just go for it)

Get in a habit of asking because I am not going what I am going to get.( Elle ma b sarikh ma byekol )and always remember it’s a number’s game. Always ask for a phone number, raise, promotion, date, back to my place, to get what I want.

PS: If I want something never decide that I can’t have it until I have attempted it by asking or trying, and I have to be comfortable with risk and getting outside of my comfort zone. Make decisions without being guaranteed an outcome’s do not need to learn everything before I start approaching getting dates and having sex. All forms of greatness come from a risk. Except that I deserve the success, no one is handing me anything and never accept mediocrity.

Let go of go nowhere relationships, change jobs, girlfriends and beliefs anything that is standing in my way.

The fact that sometimes I will lose that what makes it a game and it makes winning exiting . Ask for something even if there is a big chance of no. put myself into situations that forces the risk.

Ps: Do the exercise and go get myself rejected on purpose, get reject in fun and creative ways. Practice the art of reframing it releasing it and learn from it.