Before you can work towards a goal, you have to properly define what that goal is. So if you’re looking for your ideal woman, you have to decide what qualities and values she’s going to have to have to be the one.

You have to come up with your own, but these are mine. KNOW what you want and you’ll be more likely to get it.

Emotionally Strong
Up For A Challenge
Good Wit (Sarcasm)
Not Afraid To Take Chances
Still Has A Little Girl Quality About Her

Anti Values:


however, no matter how much a woman fits your “criteria”, don’t think about her as a girlfriend. Start by thinking of her as a fun, beautiful, but temporary addition to your life. In other words, just have fun with her, give her no restrictions, don’t box her in, don’t demand anything of her, don’t take anything too seriously, etc. Just laugh with her and have sex with her, take her to movies, be cool around town with her on your arm, etc. If it’s going to get serious, it’ll happen on its own if you just take it easy. Most relationships fail because people get too serious too fast, and build up fantasies of the other person that they can’t live up to. The ones that last are the ones where the two parties were at the very least “flirting friends” for a while, or had a physical fling that grew into something more with time.


Beware of women in the “gimme” category, i.e. commitment, amount of time spent, emotional support, talking about what they want to talk about, etc. In other words, their agenda, without considering what you could want. It’s as if they assume that just because they give you sex or attention, somehow you as a man now are getting everything you could want and must give them what they want. A woman who’ll respect your other needs as well as her own, has the potential to be a long-term match.

Realize that Women are Sexual Beings.

Women love sex as much as men do. The only difference is their terms for having it. With this in mind, realize that women are in fact sexual beings. Stop talking to them as if they were fragile little children, or immaculate, perfect angels with no sense of sexuality. Also realize their games are tests, to see if you’re good enough to get sexually involved with. Enjoy the games, get excited when she “shit tests” you, because it means she’s evaluating you as a potential partner. Women want a man who’s more powerful than they are, a man who can overcome her obstacles. So how do you think a woman is going to test for that? She’s going to give you shit!

Most importantly of all, don’t try to hide the fact that you are a sexual being! Women know we want them and love sex, so don’t hide your libido completely or make apologies for your desires as a man. Women never apologize or act ashamed for wanting love or emotional fulfilment, so why should you hide the fact that you love sex?

We men often don’t realize the sexual power that we have over women. We seem to perceive that women have all the sexual power, but when we realize that women desire men just as much as we desire them, we can take back that sexual power. We have the power to choose who we want to talk to, and we are the ones who take the lead. If choice is power, who has more power in this situation: The woman who chooses one of 20 men who approach her, or one of the men who had 300 women/options in the club and decided to approach her?

And here’s a little-known fact: A woman has a lot more to lose than you do if you don’t approach her. She spent a lot of money on her outfit, a lot of time getting ready, putting on makeup, doing her hair, etc. By the time she goes out she may have invested 20 hours in shopping for that perfect outfit and getting prepared. If she gives you a signal and you decide not to approach her, it can be a real blow to her ego. Remember that next time you think her beauty gives her all the sexual power!