In this post you will be learning where you should take the girl on the first date. Seduction and relationship experts will be sharing their opinions and thoughts with you that will help you improve the quality of your first date.

Vin DiCarlo’s Favorite Place For First Date

Of course my favorite place is my own apartment because I have full control and I get to do the things I enjoy doing at home with her. But if I’m going out to meet her I like toy stores, like the giant Toys R Us in Times Square. I like arcades. I like going bowling. I like rock climbing, go karts, laser tag …

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Basically I like things that are physical and that require movement, teamwork if possible, and definitely anything fun that you do when you’re a kid. Not only does the date stand out as unique and special to her, but it also gets a little bit of age regression and makes her a bit less inhibited and more receptive to you.

Action Jackson Shares His Thoughts

My product “Great First Dates and Meet Ups” was based on dating more than one woman. I actually had to come up with a bunch of great first date ideas that are cheap because you’re dating multiple girls and the last thing you want to do is do dinner and a movie that’s going to cost you $60-70. So the cool thing about a lot of the first date ideas I have is that they’re cheap, but they’re also engineered to hit multiple venues. Starting at one location and bouncing around at different places accelerates comfort building and it’s going to move things along a lot faster.

I think the reason a lot of guys really like my date ideas is I’ve engineered them so that they create easy physical escalation opportunities, like the cake decorating one. You can see how easily that leads to physical escalation. Another one that I’ve actually been doing a lot lately is I’ll tell her to meet me at a toy store and we’ll pick out a board game together. And then you can go stop by a grocery store and get some ice cream or drinks or whatever, and that’s your second venue. And then what you do is, and this is your decision, to either go to a park or go back to your place and play the game.

By doing fun little playful things like this, the girl is always much more willing to go along with you and physically escalate. I always say, “All right, now, if I win, you get to kiss me, OK? But if you win, I have to kiss you.” It’s hilarious because most girls actually don’t catch on to that statement. So it ends up being a win-win, and then as you play more games and stuff, you just end up escalating the different “physical escalation prizes” and soon it’s almost turning into a game of strip board game.

Bill Preston Sharing His Opinion

I don’t think I have been on a date in 10 years but I love hanging out with women. So I like to do things that are going to be fun for both of us. That could be going to Sunday brunch or I love going to Yankees games, so I’ll bring the girl to the Yankee’s game. Or there are always going to be parts of the city you haven’t investigated, so you should just say “I’m going to walk around the city and do some fun stuff and you should come with me.”

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It could be just going to a cool little lounge with couches; somewhere you are comfortable that maybe has a good view of the city. Do things that are fun. Maybe there is that wine bar with your favorite type of wine so go there. Do things that you are going to really enjoy that don’t look like you are trying to impress her and things that women are going to enjoy also.

Lance Mason Thinks Your Apartment Is The Best Place

I want her in my apartment, period. That’s what I want and that’s the great thing about Tuesday dinners. That’s the great thing about living somewhere that’s near cafés. If you’re in a café, you can try and tell her to meet you in a park and have a picnic. But the best thing to do is find something close to your apartment. Once you’ve agreed on that, the best thing to do is try and see if she will actually meet you there. Tell her to meet you at your apartment and you’ll walk to the café from there.

And I’m not trying to keep her in my apartment, but I just want her to see my apartment.

I want to give her a tour and then we will go to the café. I want to make sure she’s comfortable with my place, she’s comfortable with the idea she can come to my place, and she can still leave without anything happening. And I like quiet areas, I like café. I like places where I can talk about creative stuff that she’s going to get really interested in.

For instance, I love song writing. I’m not a great song writer. I’m not a really great performer, but if we’re meeting in a café, for example, I’ll get there early and I’ll set up my laptop and I’ll start working on a song. And what’s great about that is she’ll always ask me about it. She’ll always be totally intrigued and it gives me a way to get her back to my place. I’ll tell her “Oh yeah, I’m just working on a song.” And I can say “Yeah, I could play you a song later if you want.” Basically, I want it somewhere close to my house, so I can get an excuse to go to my house. Now whether or not things happen in my house or not, I just want to be in the habit of always getting her there, being in a private space where things could happen. And even if she goes to my apartment and nothing too sexual happens, at least that’s still a huge step forward. She knows she can go to my apartment. She knows she’s comfortable there and she’s way more likely to come back there again later on.

Joseph Matthews Talks About His Thoughts On The First Date

I usually like to keep the first time light and non-datey so there’s not a whole like of pressure. I usually like to meet for drinks. There’s a really great restaurant right down the street from where I live that I usually like to get girls to, so I don’t have to drive there and I can just walk down. So if the date is a bust I haven’t really committed any type of significant time to it.

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I like to meet up at some place that I’m familiar with and we’ll get some drinks, be it coffee, or a beer or what have you, and just sit there and talk to one another and get to know one another. Yeah, I just like to keep things light and fun.

Drew Canole Says He Used To Be The Nice Guy

I used to be this nice guy from Michigan who wanted to please women. I would take them out to a nice expensive restaurant and open up all the doors for them. Now I want to tell them to meet me at the stairs. I want to make sure they aren’t stalkers or a cat lady or that they are going to come into my house and steal in the middle of the night. If everything goes right after the coffee date then I’ll make an opportunity to go on another date. I always make them feel like I have higher values than them and it works for me.

Jordan Harbinger’s Method

I almost never do dinner and a movie. I never do the standard date stuff because it’s boring and it doesn’t afford the ability to have a good conversation. If you’re at a movie, you’re not going to be talking with the girl very much because you’re in a movie and at dinner, you’re eating a bunch of food. Nobody wants to hook up after they’ve filled up with bread and wine and all kinds of food.

I like to involve women in something I’m already doing. For example, if I’m going to have a barbecue at my place with my roommates and friends, I’ll ask them to come over and bring something to eat or drink and come and hang out with us by the pool. When I lived in New York City, I’d say, “Hey, you know what? I’m thinking about going to check out the zoo at Central Park, are you down?” And a lot of times women are like, “Wow! I haven’t been there since I was 13 years old, but yeah, I’d love to.” Do something that cost little or no money and involves walking around and talking for a large portion of the afternoon or checking out a new place that just opened. A lot of times if the connection is not strong enough, I’ll actually say, “You know what? Feel free to bring a friend.” We used to call that the cheeky bluffer and the reason that we call it that is because a lot of times girls are like, “Man, I just met this guy at the club. I don’t know if I’m cool meeting up with him by myself.

So, first date rules, go out, usually during the daytime to something that is either free or inexpensive, and spend time outdoors or in a brand new outdoor café type thing where you normally might not go or she might not normally have ever bothered to go. That stuff is very cool and people love other people that bring them experiences like that.