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Fear of failure, lack of experience, and timing can discourage entrepreneurs from embarking on a potentially successful business endeavor. While it is important to be smart about business goals and professional planning, organizations rarely grow to extensive lengths without a leap of Superhero faith and adequate preparation for professional opportunities.

Ironically enough, while some fear is a good thing for keeping businesses safe and setting fluid limits, too much fear can be debilitating and may create intense barriers that inhibit professional growth.

How is Fear Generated in the Body?

The area of the brain that is responsible for the generation of fear is the amygdala, which responds to neurotransmitters that fire when fear is generated. In fact, the amygdala is responsible for one’s perception/response to frightening events.

Initially a distress reaction occurs, which evolves from unpatterned stimuli. Humans then inherit coping mechanisms based on the objects that deject this fear, and a more mature way of dealing with fear reactions.

Biochemical Reaction of Fear

Although fear is an emotional state, the human body compensates for this mentality by inducing a variety of physical responses, which include sweating, adrenaline spikes, and increases in heart rate. It is as this point when the “fight or flight” response kicks in, and individuals must choose how to respond to their fear. This reaction is automatic, evolutionary, and crucial for survival.

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Emotional Response

Emotional responses to fear are highly personalized. Some individuals (“adrenaline junkies”) have a positive response to fear, while others have a negative response to fear and avoid fear inducing events at all costs. Though the physical reaction is the same for all humans, different stimuli can initiate very personal fear responses for each human.

Societal Beliefs About Fear

Recent studies have discerned that it is no longer tenable to substantiate that fear erupts from painful experiences. Though fear is often sought out in safe environments, individuals often go out of their way to avoid it in unhealthy settings. As a result, this feeling is necessary for productivity and goal initiation.

Types of Reactions and Solutions

Researchers have distinguished two inconsequential types of fear: fluid and fixed. While fluid fear may initiate and cease singularly or on a recurring basis, fixed fear is constant. Fluid fears are considered acceptable, because individuals can overcome them. Yet, fixed fears can intensify and may require special attention from professionals.

Extreme Situations

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In some cases, one’s fear of a situation or occurrence can be so severe that it evolves into a phobia. A phobia is a negative fear of something that is so truly intense it can affect an individual’s life on a daily basis. Phobias often require help from trained professionals, as individuals are often truly terrified of the object that generates their fear.

Converting Fear into an Acceleration Initiator

Just as fear can affect some individuals in a negative manner, it can propel others forward into goals and can create motivation. Individuals can use fear to succeed in business, at school, or in health and fitness, amongst many other things. The fear of failure is sometimes strong enough to enhance motivation, determination, and courage to complete set tasks.

Utilizing fear as a motivator can propel entrepreneurs into successful business endeavors and encourage business owners to take chances to facilitate business growth. As business
professionals gain more confidence in their business, they will soon discover that fear is short-lived. This initial reaction is soon replaced by a commitment to Superhero success and professional empowerment.

Barriers of Business Endeavors

One of the main reasons why individuals avoid entrepreneurship is based on the fear of failure, loss of money, and making mistakes. Yet, refusing to place blame on superficial objects/persons, meeting new partners, and studying previous mistakes can resurrect a business and provide the power one needs to embark on a journey of entrepreneurship.

A World Without Fear

Can you imagine a world where fear was irrelevant? Ironically enough, the world would be a pretty scary place without fear of objects or situations that are unsafe. As a result, fear plays a huge role in keeping humans health and thriving. Making mistakes is ultimately the job of a true Superhero, while avoiding mistakes is the job of a villain.