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Drew Canole On Jerks And Nice Guys

I don’t know if it is the nice guy that they are not attracted to because I used to be a nice guy. I have the morals and I still push a lot of women.

I think, number one your thoughts have to change; you don’t have to please everybody. If you are a nice guy, you probably are a pleasing personality.

You want to make sure everybody says yes and you are a yes man. You do whatever any girl says, you bend over backwards for them. Instead, just tell them NO – every single thing that they ask you to do, just simply tell them no. Give them a hard time, make them seem like there is a lot of work to be with you.

The best thing you can do to overcome any jerk is to become insanely funny. So, to become funny, you’ll have to read funny things, comedians, funny books, standup comedy and stuff like that. Follow people on Twitter, which is hilarious. In Facebook Famous, we have different sections specifically for that.

That will make you insanely memorable over somebody who is just a jerk, 100%.

Jordan Harbinger On Why It Is Better To Be A Nice Guy

Bad boys or jerks have attractive sub-communication. So for example, a guy who’s really not a nice person might stand somebody up or not show up on time or not respect other people’s time or money or personal property. But what is sub-communicated is: “Listen, I’m a leader of the group. I’m my own guy. You follow me.” And that’s where the attraction lies.

nice guys and girls

A woman with high self-esteem who has got her head on straight is going to be able to decipher and differentiate between the two where some guys are just being jerks and other guys actually have charismatic leadership personalities. Girls with low self-esteem really have trouble differentiating between the two or they just don’t care. So guys who are nice, guys who are normal guys out there who are thinking, “Man! I really don’t want to have to be such a prick to get women.” You don’t have to, so you don’t need to worry about it.

What you need to worry about if you are a nice guy is you need to decide, “Am I a nice guy, because I’m a nice person in general and I’m always this way, or am I being nice because I want her approval?” So you sort of have to separate nice guys versus approval-seeking guys. A lot of times guys who are nice, genuine, normal people will start to act like jerks because they think, “OK, well, I’ve been getting stepped on a lot because I’m a nice guy and I give people a lot of leeway.”

It really is a fine line between deciding what attractive behaviors you are going to take on and sub communicating you’re attraction to this person without actually becoming a prick. And for nice guys who are sort of stuck in that rut, I would say the first step is to examine why you’re being nice. Are you being nice because you’re a caretaker of your family? Are you normally a dominant guy who takes care of others? Are you responsible? Do you have other leadership qualities or are you nice because you want to purchase people’s approval or are you a people-pleaser? Those are the real problems. It’s not nice guy versus bad guy, it is people-pleaser and approval-seeker versus somebody who is genuinely value giving.

Julian Foxx’s Take On Jerks VS Nice Guys

I am a jerk, so I don’t know man. I can just say that we don’t want to identify and emulate the qualities in the asshole, the jerks that ruin our life or something like that. But the truth be told is, I don’t think there is anything really wrong with acting like a jerk as long as you are imitating right qualities. I think that one of the reasons that I have had the success and the women in my life is because I have been kind of an asshole to women. And there is a real correlation there, the bigger the asshole that I have been the more pussy I am getting.

Stephen Nash Shares His Thoughts On Nice Guys VS Bad Guys

My experience that most of the “bad boys” I’ve met are guys that are, let’s call them players. I used to be one of those, and they’re not really interested in anything serious from women. They’re looking for a hookup. They’re looking for attention. They’re looking for status. They’re looking to feel powerful. Now, I eventually realized that this is not something that I really give a damn about. What I really wanted was a girlfriend or a relationship. I framed the bad boy in a different way after that and I realized that it was actually not something I wanted. So it’s important for guys to know what they want.

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Yad On Nice Guys VS Jerks

The whole idea of the bad boy comes purely from a guy being comfortable with himself and treating that girl like his little sister. He’s not treating her bad in any way. He’s just treating her in a comfortable way. He is not being a jerk to her. He’s making a joke maybe about her, but it’s the same as when I was with my little sister. I just feel completely comfortable making this stupid remark about my little sister, right? I feel completely comfortable doing that because I’m not expecting anything.

When guys say, “Oh jerks, you know are getting the chicks.” No, that’s not true. I always come from a place of love. I always come from a place of niceness. But you know what? My niceness is not fake. I’m not buying her a drink when I can’t be bothered to buy a friend a drink, right? I’m not doing anything special for her. I come from a place of love and from a place of niceness, but I’m coming at the same time from a place where I could take them or leave them because I know out on the street there’s another hot woman who would appreciate me just as much.

So I come from a place of abundance. I’m totally comfortable in my own skin with her and that’s what she really likes: someone who is just like that, someone who doesn’t make any special exceptions for her. Now, that’s not being a bad boy, that’s just being someone who’s just totally comfortable within themselves.

We’re asking you to treat her like she isn’t just like the most amazing creature you’ll ever met because she isn’t.