The reason why most (but not all) therapy does not work is that therapists themselves have gotten into habits and belief systems which were at one time useful for them. Even though the models and belief systems may have been useful in some contexts, they are often incorporated into the therapist’s own identity and color the ” N O W ” to such a degree that the patient is lost in the therapist’s own learning structures.

In other words, most therapists and therapies do not view the patient as a naturalistic living process, but as a fixed thing with symptoms that needs to be fixed.

The therapist, by his very effort to become a therapist, has created a therapeutic hallucination which he has identified with.

Science Alert.

In the field of physics, it is widely known and accepted that nothing is fixed, and that everything is constantly moving and changing. At the atomic level, the atoms themselves are mostly empty space, and the components that make up the protons, neutrons and electrons (superstring theory) are suspected to possibly not even exist. It seems to be that nothing is set in stone, even the stones themselves.

The term “patient” in and of itself describes a model and an attitude that attempts to dissociate the symptom from a natural living breathing entity.

Hypnosis Treatment

This is called the medical model. This model is about being broken and needing to be fixed. This might be a useful way to look at cars. You already know that the map is not the territory, that you are not the label. People, on the other hand, learn limitations and difficulties, and do so often because that was the best thing to do, at some time and place in the past. It is important to realize that what was learned can be unlearned.

It is interesting to note that the word “fixed” means “locked in place” and “having been made all better” and at the same time…it just may be, that fixing is not what is needed at all.

At one time, you may have believed in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy. And then you unbelieved it? It always feels so wonderful when I see that my clients all of a sudden realize that all of your old problems and difficulties are just the same… and can also be unbelieved.

Most therapies attempt to fit the patient into a particular pattern or box for the sake of the therapist’s system.

Whether the system is Freudian, Jungian, Reichian, Rational-Emotive, Cognitive or whatever else is available, the patient becomes the victim of a model. Most therapists forget what the patient has come in for. He is unhappy and he is in pain. Thus, the job of the therapist is to assist the patient’s creative self to heal himself and not to validate or support some theory or ideology (map).

The model, theory, map, hallucination or ideology exists solely to assist the client. The client does not exist to prove the theory or model. Many therapists and academics have completely forgotten this. Does the road exist for the cars or do the cars exist for the road? If someone told you that books exist so trees could be cut down, what would you say?

If the therapist is unable to assist in this process it is unacceptable behavior for them to continue treating a client. I know one therapist who has had the same patient for 16 years and the therapist’s claim is that the patient had a major breakthrough: “He finally understood his anima projection.” This is stupidity on the therapist’s part—if not outright criminal.

You should expect and demand insight and skill from those who are assisting you in your personal evolution.

This is no different than a physician who treats a patient with chemicals when a less dangerous remedy can be found.

The physician has been taught to believe only in drugs and, as a result, his identity and value become easily threatened by a healer who holds to a drugless therapy. I am not picking on physicians alone, for almost every type of healer I have met is a true believer in his own support system. Remember, each form of treatment rigorously attempts to stuff the natural process into conceptual frameworks created by the educational process the professional has undergone. It is good to know that even counselors and psychologists (you know who you are) can unbelieve yourself right out of a rigid and inflexible approach. It is as simple as not pouring the water down the drain with the spaghetti it was cooked in.

Even though your conscious mind has recognized the illusion in the last sentence and you may have repeated the expected sequence of words to yourself,your unconscious mind has corrected the “broken” expectation—that it is not the water but the spaghetti. If this is true, tap once with your happy finger, the one you like the best; if not, take three deep breaths. Can you explain to a stranger that believing is seeing!

Therapeutic theory and models are best attempts at providing an understanding for how things work and for providing a map for change.

But remember that the map is not the territory. An architect can have plans of a house and show them to his client. He really has no idea how the client feels inside his current abode or how he will feel inside when he finally arrives at his new home—or does he? You decide. BUT WAIT—I have provided you with only two options—how many more are there?

That healers may be rigid True Believers should not discourage anyone from seeking treatment. However, what should be kept in mind is that you are THE authority in deciding which way to go and how creative you would like to be in finding solutions.

Your internal support system has worked for you in the past and will be sure to work in the future. Over the past two decades some researchers have learned much about how the brain and nervous system operate. They have come forward with new methods to help individuals use their creative resources to remove and replace beliefs and behavior which are no longer of any real use.