Once a woman starts displaying interest you want to start touching more and increasing the level of flirtation and sexual content in your conversations. You want to ingrain these ideas into your being so that they mold into you and become a natural part of your personality.

Make sure that you constantly learn and grow your ability to understand others. It is very important that you make sure you take the time to truly understand how others think, feel and behave.

The greatest gift in someone’s eyes is knowing that others understand what they’re thinking and feeling; knowing that they’re appreciated and valued. When you really take the time to understand how a woman thinks and perceives the world you will naturally be able to connect with her and relate to her on her level and she will see you as different and rare; that special guy she has never met in her life and probably never will again.

I’m going to sound like a girl saying this but you have NO idea how rare it Is for a woman to find an emotionally stable, confident, interesting guy who has his shit together and actually has the balls to meet an attractive woman (especially the extraordinarily attractive ones, most guys are afraid to even approach at all).

This is what will craft your confidence. This will be that aspect of your personality that has all the right facts of personality necessary to attract women in to your life.

Now that we’ve covered body language and mindsets of women it’s time to get in to understanding our own.

Your body language is going to broadcast your confidence and personality to the world before you even open your mouth. It lets her know what a cool and awesome guy you are.

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Your body language is what is going to create that aura around you that makes you ooze sexuality. A man who can use his body language to its fullest potential can walk in to a room and instantly tell every woman there that he’s got his shit together.

It tells her that you are a man and you have no problem showing it.

Women are world-class Olympic gold medalists when it comes to reading body language. They know their stuff and probably know yours even better.

A woman is going to read in to everything you do and once you learn how to display yourself with a high confidence you go from a 300 pound small-breasted woman to a blond haired, blue eyed beauty with natural double D breasts.

Body language is all about how you broadcast yourself. Think of body language like being a billboard for yourself that says,

“Here is what kind of man I am. I am dominant, alpha and not afraid to show it.”

Body language, like many other things in attraction is best served organic. Think back to when I was giving you examples of situations and you could feel in your body that one scenario was just “right.”

One scenario just flowed and felt natural.

Let’s do another example together.

Think of a time you were out and about wandering around doing your day to day activities. Now let’s say you’re walking down a hallway at school or the office and someone comes out from a nearby room behind you.

How do you react?

Do you react by quickly shooting your head back as if in flight or flight?

Do you turn your head back calmly to see who it is?

Or do you simply ignore it?

Now think of the most beautiful woman you know. How do you react if she is in need of help. Do you…

1) Fight or flight?

2) “Hold on a minute”

3) Simply ignore her?

Is it door number one, two or three?

Your answer has the potential to decide how attracted to you a woman is going to feel.

What’s amazing about these questions is that many guys will use logic to try to answer them. If this sounds like you then it’s time for a makeover.

Within that amazing brain of yours, you are born with the ability to tell what is the right answer in this situation. Attraction is one of the few situations where following your emotions is better and more practical than following your logic.

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Go back up again and read those questions. Don’t try to figure out the right answer. Feel the right answer.

Now that we’ve covered men and women let’s quickly go over a few general points.

A person’s emotions and incredibly connected to their physical state. If you’re feeling a certain way physically there’s a good chance it will show up in your emotions.

If you’re feeling a certain way emotionally, any guesses where it shows up?

Right! It shows up in your physical body.

Let’s try an experiment.

Try smiling a really wide, natural smile.

Now, think of something funny that puts a really big smile on your face. Really feel it.

Now, while you’re holding that smile try to feel depressed

Did you find it a kind of challenge to do the two at the same time?

Now try the opposite. Try to frown and feel really happy and optimistic.

What a difference huh?

When you change the way you carry yourself you naturally change the way you feel.

A man with a highly evolved confidence moves slowly and deliberately.

One of my favorite things to do is chill back when an attractive girl needs something done and watch 5 other guys dash up to her on a whim to do it for her.

Seriously, I’ll just sit back and watch closely and observe and analyze the situation and on occasion I’ll walk over calm and cool and help her and just leave without even looking for anything in return.

Guess who she notices?

You got it!

How you carry yourself also tells a woman a thousand things about you from the moment she lays eyes on you.

Your body language is the main way a woman evaluates your confidence level, mood, feelings and how open of a person you are.

One big thing she is going to watch is how you stand.

She wants you to have the body language of someone who controls his life and the situations he encounters. When you meet a woman, hold the mindset that you are gifting yourself to her and that she is going to love and enjoy you.

Well, now that we have covered the basics of male body language I am going to rapid-fire you the male body-language basics.

Give a solid amount of time to really mastering these because these are like your keys to a woman’s interest:

Keep your hands at your side (not in your pockets!)

Keep your movements relaxed and animated (don’t fidget!)

Arms open

Back straight

Head high

Take up space

Sit like you’re at home having a beer

Walk and move slowly

Feet and legs shoulder length apart

Keep eye contact

When shifting your eyes, make sure it is in a calm, relaxed manner.

Once you develop natural confidence these things come completely naturally but it’s good to be aware of them so you can get into the habit of moving this way.

You can fake it to an extent but only a real alpha male will maintain this composure at all times.

A guy who is faking will usually lose ALL of his “confident” body language the moment his is put under pressure and his emotions take over.

Keep your attention on these details because it’s the seemingly insignificant stuff that makes all the difference.

What all this boils down to is telling a woman in the way that she needs to be told in order to be attractive to you that you are have a solid confidence and that you are going to give her what she needs at the deepest level of her being.