Let’s get deeper in to why women test so you have an understanding of the mechanics of the process.

Consider attraction for a moment from her perspective.

You’re a gorgeous woman who gets hit on five or more times a day in one way or another and you need a way to judge which men meet your qualifications.

This all goes back to the supply and demand principle.

She is in demand but there is only one of her.

This puts her in short supply and high demand.

See where I’m going with this?

Imagine that suddenly at 15 or 16 years old you go from being treated like any old girl to being treated like a queen.

Suddenly men everywhere are willing to do anything and everything for you.

When you get to high school you suddenly find that you can get boys to do your homework for you, take you wherever you want to go, buy you things and give you attention every minute of every day.

All the other girls keep remarking (usually out of jealousy) about how pretty and gorgeous you are.

shit tests

All this is just wonderful right? Not as much as you might think.

These women are losing out on an important part of life by having attention constantly thrown at them and by and large getting their way.

As a result of this social breeding many of these women do not become self-reliant, independent, open-minded and accepting and are typically not self-reliant.

I can’t count how many of these girls I’ve see spend weeks saying how they know a guy is interested in them but he won’t ask her out.

I know, I know they “can’t find any good men” or “it’s as a curse” blah blah blah.

I remember watching an episode of House one evening where Dr. House informs Alison Cameron that her that he hired her based on her looks. Even though she wasn’t the most qualified candidate House told Alison that he believed that an attractive woman who went into medicine shows greater dedication than an ordinary looking woman because the former could have easily used her looks to get an easier job.

An attractive woman’s reality is typically (from a sexual perspective) getting everything she wants from men constantly.

Don’t get me wrong here though they all have problems just like us and most attractive women at a core level are very kind and caring people although there is the occasional bitch.

female shit tests

Just don’t go thinking I’m saying they are all like this or that they all live on floating yachts and drink from fountains of gold.

In fact, many women are deeply hurt by men constantly lying to them, using them for sex and leaving them feeling abandoned.

In fact, in some ways a less attractive woman has it better than the attractive woman because every man they go out with, they know the man loves them for who they are as a person and is not just after their body.

I’ve met very attractive women who have had circumstances such as:

Losing both parents at age 4 and having to live with her grandparents.

Growing up very poor and having to work to support her family.

Having divorced parents who hate each other and who are always fighting.

Some have parents who abused them be it physically, sexually or emotionally.

Not knowing whether a man really wants her for her or her body.

Suffering emotional trauma from guys who lie to her.

I won’t use teenage parenthood example because that one more than anything is their fault and a lack of responsibility.

Just don’t go thinking it’s the total fantasy world you imagine and remember that they have problems too. And by problems I don’t mean the issue being, “ugh! There are no good men in this town!”

So back to using men, why do some women do it?


Some women just do it because they feel very little control elsewhere in their lives and men are the one thing they can totally control.

This comes back to being a real alpha male – you dominate your own life.

how to pass shit tests

If you can recall a time when you did something to someone against respectful and considerate judgment simply because you knew you could get away with it you will know what I’m talking about.

Or recall a time you couldn’t stop doing something you knew was bad for you because you just had an uncontrollable emotional need to do it.

Attention is like an addiction (especially if the woman is conditioned to depend on it) that you know is bad for you but no matter how hard you try and no matter how much of an honest effort you give you just can’t seem to stop.

The Society Giveth or Taketh Away?

“Philosophy is questions that may never be answered. Religion is answers that may never be questioned.”

Have you ever been excited by something so much that you looked past every negative aspect of it?

That is what she will be feeling when she is attracted to you.

One thing worth noting is that even though men need to present themselves with the image of being the selector, in reality it is the woman that is doing the selecting.

You’re attracted to her from the onset and she knows that she could have her way on a whim with most of the men out there.

You are making her attracted to you so that she will want to select you despite the fact that she is the one with the initial power.

This is why the man is usually the one with the mindset of,

“Well I didn’t really want her anyway, it’s her loss.”

While the woman who rejected you doesn’t even care and just walks on.

Just keep in mind that in reality she is selecting and giving you a chance.