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If a guy tries to say “dude, I like your shirt” in a pathetic indirect attempt to make fun of me I exert the #1 alpha behavior which applies to all situations like this:

Usually I just ignore it and brush it off, but if the guys keep persisting I’ll just absent-mindedly thrown in an “oh that’s nice” or “cool” because I don’t care what they think and because they WON’T openly come out and be honest about their intentions (trying to get the me away from the girl) I have the upper hand…

I control the interaction because she knows why I’m there.

I’m interested in her, she knows it, she’s happy and she’s talking to me.

They can try all their little games but because they’re just expressing their own insecurity and jealousy, even if they did come out and openly state their intentions and why they were trying to mock or insult me she would look down on it as mean, cruel and insecure on their part.

Personally, having a no apologies attitude, I will walk right up to the woman I am interested in and tell her that I think she is gorgeous and I want to meet her.

In the rare case her friends do try to pull her away this is easily disarmed by exerting my alpha authority.

On boyfriends, I normally respect a woman’s boundaries if she has a boyfriend as I don’t want to hurt another person or deal with the trouble of trying to get her away from him.

If, however, I’m talking to a girl and her boyfriend comes in and proves to be an insecure asshole at which point I can exploit his insecurity by revealing his selfish intentions to keep her from talking to me because he is insecure and jealous.

A guy like this is simply trying to make himself socially dominant. But again, he’s not being direct and honest about his intentions so by disproving his logic he is easily defeated.

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I want to share with you a golden line I’ve come up with…

“What are you afraid of? Do you not trust your girlfriend?… Hey, let me ask you a question, If your girlfriend cheated on you with me would you beat me up to defend her for cheating on you?”

By being direct, honest and straightforward in this statement I conveyed that he is needy and insecure – and that he is thinking of himself rather than her.

That was just an example, of course… but you can apply this to any situation by using the principles of being honest and straightforward.

When you’re honest and straightforward things become dramatically simple.

Everyone else will be trying to make excuses and be indirect with people while you will always have people knowing exactly where they stand with you and they will not be able to flaw your logic because there are no misconceptions or miscommunication.