This is a very simple technique which will enable you to remember lists of any kind and any length. In fact, you have already gone through the Word Train.

Do you still remember the BED story (Discusses In Previous Post)? Can you still recall the list of 20 words starting from Bed right up to Spider Man? I am sure you can!

What would have taken 10, 20, 30 minutes or more to memorise, you could do it in a very short span of time. Do you know why?

As we look back, don’t you think the words of the list in the exercise are connected (linked) to one another to form a train of words? From now on, whenever we refer
to this technique in, we will call it as the word train technique.

The following are the reasons why it was very easy for you to remember a list of 20 random words in a very short time:

You have presented the data to the brain in the form of visuals. You have vividly visualised each sequence of the narration.

You have used association to link up two things together – like linking up bed with apples, apples with truck and so on.

You have linked the first word with the second, second with the third, third with the fourth and so on till the last one. It is as if you have arranged all these words in the form of a train. By doing so, you have ensured that the first word will lead us to second, second will remind us the third and so on, till we reach the last compartment (word) of the train (list).

In other words, you have used the principles of VAP (Discussed Previously). You have visualised the words. You associated one word with another. And you also had pleasure doing the exercise.

Also, if you have noticed, you have followed the Tools to create Impact – CoMBS (Discussed Previously). In all the associations, you have used the natural colors by default. There is motion in every association. All things involved in the associations are big (or there was exaggeration of proportion). And the entire sequence of associations is unnatural, as nothing of this sort ever happens in real life. The associations are strange.

Simply by following VAP CoMBS, the narration was so firmly ingrained in our brains, that you are able to reel out the sequence of 20 words in one reading. And retain it for a long time too! It can’t get any easier than this for remembering lists of any kind!

Is it that easy? How can I create such associations with so many words every time? Will it not be time taking?

You may be having the above questions. The answers:

All exercises of Word Train are fundamentally basic association exercises. This is because in any Word Train exercise, at any given time, you will only be focusing on just two words.

Let us go back to the Bed exercise and examine it once again. You have first linked just two words – Bed and Apples. Then you proceeded to link the Apples and Truck. Then you went for Truck and Hen, and so on. See, when forming a Word Train, you were still basically working with just two items at any given point.

Do not get worried about the length of the list. Just make sure that you have a strong association between each pair of words. You will not face any problem even if the list contains 30, 50 or even 100 words!

Applications of Word train:

Shopping list
To-do list
Points in an essay
Points to remember in a speech
Lists of instructions etc.