It is very true that your environment can influence your brain. Many people who are conscientious about living a healthy lifestyle are shocked to learn that they are being exposed to hidden toxins every day,at work or at home, that can cause neurological damage.

Well Water

You may think that the well water in your country house is purer than the city water from a municipal water supply, and you’d be wrong.Well water is often tainted with pesticide runoff from local farms. Pesticides are powerful nerve toxins; farmers and other people routinely exposed to pesticides have a dramatically higher risk of Parkinson’s disease. Pesticides promote the formation of free radicals in the body and challenge the body’s antioxidant defenses.

Pesticides in Your Home

If you’ve lived in a home that was (or still is) routinely treated with pesticides indoors or in the yard, you may have been exposed to nerve toxins and could be at greater risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. Some people are more susceptible to the deleterious effects of pesticides than others, but they should be avoided by everyone whenever possible. I also recommend that people eat organic produce—grown without pesticides—to reduce pesticide exposure.Taking antioxidant supplements can also protect your brain cells against the free radicals produced by these toxins.

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Houses Built Before 1978

Many private homes and apartment buildings constructed prior to 1978 contain vestiges of lead paint (which can be inhaled) or lead in plumbing pipes that can leach into drinking water. Lead is a known neurotoxin that is particularly dangerous to children, but I have also seen my share of adults affected by lead exposure. When otherwise healthy people come to me with symptoms such as confusion or signs of nerve damage, I order a simple blood test to determine whether or not they have been exposed to lead. If they have, I recommend a procedure called chelation therapy, an intravenous nutrient therapy that removes the lead from their body. I also put them on the Tier 3 supplement regimen to chase the free radicals out of their body. In 1978, Congress outlawed the use of lead in construction, but there are lots of old homes that still contain lead.

Electric Blankets, Clock Radios: The EMF Threat

Electricity emits invisible forces called electromagnetic fields (EMFs). (So do cell phones, as I mentioned earlier.) Electromagnetic fields radiate from electric blankets, computers, TV screens, clock radios, and anywhere electricity flows. There is a high concentration of EMFs in electrical delivery systems such as power lines, transformers, or hightension electrical wires. Some, but not all, studies have shown a link between living or working in close proximity to these electrical delivery systems and some forms of cancer, including brain tumors. Although EMFs can disrupt the production of antioxidants in the body and promote free radicals, there is some controversy as to whether or not they are harmful. Given the preponderance of electrical devices in our lives today, I think it is wise to protect yourself against excess EMF exposure.

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