There are many ways to attract a woman and we can divide them into two groups:

Yang ways

Yin ways

Yang is the masculine principle: you can attract a woman sexually and emotionally by showing healthy masculine aggression, dominance, courage and impudence.

For example being cocky and funny is a masculine way of attracting a woman.

Yin is the feminine principle. You can attract a woman by showing her that you talk like a woman would do.

Especially in our modern age women are extremely sensitive to both ways of being attracted.

Many women nowadays like the Yin (feminine) approach because many of them have lost the touch with the masculine or because they simply don’t care about men and like to feel feminine energy everywhere.

One important thing: never start a long-term relationship with a woman who has a good touch with feminine but totally naive or even negative about the masculine.

She is definitely not a good girl!

Also don’t start a long-term relationship with a woman whose percentage of masculinity in her personality is far bigger than the feminine part.

She is not good for a long-term relationship either. A good girl is about 85% feminine and 15% masculine.

If she has absolutely no touch with masculinity she is trouble if she is too masculine compared to her femininity she is trouble, too.

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Women began not more than a century ago to criticize men for not being communicative and emotional enough – which is the same like: not feminine enough!

When you show her that you can talk like a woman you arouse her and challenge her a lot: not many men can do that to her.

So when they will meet in library or a food store a guy who is able to talk to them with female language that will highly arouse them sexually and emotionally.

An exception to this rule are very masculine women who will in that situation bust you for being too sensitive and emotional when you will use female talk or will blatantly try to control their own emotions.

Noticing this dominant female masculine defense against arousal by words is not easy and it requires a lot of field experience.

If you feel that she is not being aroused by female talk and “behaving like a man” drop her and sarge the next woman.

It means that for some reason she has trained herself to control her own horniness by the means of a masculine defense.

These women are usually problematic women.

So drop the women who bust you when you use female language. They usually do this because they have some problem with their femininity and are food only for very experienced PUAs.

Many studies confirm the fact that verbal descriptions arouse a woman as much as the view of a naked woman arouses a man.

In this method you first attract her by the means of yang: you are being self-confident enough to engage conversation with a total stranger in a book store.

Being able to initiate contacts with many people in a comfortable way is enough of an alpha quality for good girls. You do not need to be so tough like you would be with an adventuress.

You show enough leadership to direct her into a conversation you have chosen for her. You look like an interesting, selfconfident and communicative guy.

Being able to open up to strangers in a calm and relaxed way and lead the conversation is an extremely important alpha trait.

Now this might seem to you not a big thing but women will notice it and they will become interested in you.

Especially good girls with a good self-esteem will notice this.

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LSE girls, party girls will need stronger, tougher maybe even lightly violent kind of approach so by acting in this way you are basically screening the adventuresses out already at the pick-up venue.

Okay, we are now at the point that you have engaged her smoothly in a conversation and she started to talk with you about Paris or Rome and maybe also why you think she looks like a French or Italian girl.

Here is where you can switch to female talk.

It is now important for you to have some knowledge of something connected with Italians and Rome or French people and Paris.

Whatever nationality and town or whatever subject you choose will do! Of course these are only examples. You can build your own theme on something which interests you.

Here are some additional attraction tips for you

Women are quite superficial creatures, also the good girls usually. So you should avoid “deep” and boring subjects like for example politics, finance, situation of the world and religion.

Believe me: if you come out as deep and boring she will run away faster than you can imagine. A chat about a wonderful trip to Paris will do but a chat about how little children die in Afghanistan under the bombs everyday and what we should do about that will have her run away.

What is important is that she gets a light and entertaining feeling about the conversation. The word “communicative person” really does not mean the same thing for men and women!

If you have no knowledge you will need to acquire some before you go on.

Just purchase a tourist guide about Italy or France and have your read. Whatever knowledge you have about lighthearted subjects will do.

Reading books, novels, and stories is extremely important in order to pickup and seduce women. Women love verbal descriptions.

And here we get to female talk which is highly sexually and emotionally arousing to females.

Yes, many women are deeply bisexual in nature. It is a fact.

When along history we were so long away hunting and fighting they had to satisfy themselves somehow and they invented this platonic exchange of emotions with other females – which is so lesbian in nature!

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Female talk is a way of talking which is totally different compared to the way a man usually uses which includes:

Using more words than what the average man would use to describe something.

Describing the emotions connected with the subject of the conversation and not only cold data.

Men, instead, just love to exchange cold data between each other.

Women love describing shapes, colors, sounds, smells, emotionally relevant facts and so on in a very rich way.

Now after having engaged her into the conversation you will begin to talk about yourself and what you feel about Paris in this way:

Ah .. France, France is a great place. I am glad you have been there. There is such a wonderful feeling in waking up early morning in Paris. You feel the sense of freedom when you get into the streets and head to the huge squares of the city. The bread, the fresh bread they sell in the morning is so pleasurable when tasted with wine; you can feel the pleasure and the freedom of Paris in your veins!”

When you describe experiences with words in the above way you are using female talk.

Notice the expressions used:

“I am glad”

“Such a wonderful feeling”

“The sense of freedom”

“The fresh bread”


“When tasted”


You have to build your female talk so that you use words to describe:

Sensations: for example color, shape, taste.

Emotions: for example sadness, happiness, joy, excitement.

This is important because female sexual arousal is not visual as for the man. Women are aroused by verbal descriptions.

Yes, women also appreciate a good looking man but what arouses them the most are sensory and emotional descriptions made by words.

Female sexual arousal happens when the woman feels sensations and emotions connected with descriptions of outer or inner reality or both.

For example:

The description of an intense emotional and sensory experience like visiting Paris.

The description of the feelings and emotions in a relationship.

Simply the description of a cat, a dog, clothes in a shop, whatever.

A common mistake men do is to believe that when women says: “I would like you to communicate with me” they would mean = communicate about serious, deep subjects.

In male world communication is a serious thing especially when in action and men are all the time in action!

Because they enjoy it!

Women mean by that: “I would like to get my pleasure hormones rushing by the means of a description of emotions and sensations and I would like to get it from you!”

In a word: women qet horny by talking in a descriptive way about how they feel about themselves and the world.

The most erotic organ in the .woman is her ears.

This is the subject of the next article: leading her and her emotions with the purpose of getting her contact information.