Your inner mental state is crucial for success when doing pick-up.

As a rule you cannot interact positively if you are not in a positive state of mind.

To understand the concept of inner state think of your mind like it would be the calm surface of a lake.

Even throwing a small stone into it will create motion. A very, very light wind will already create waves.

For achieving the maximum of the ability to pick-up effectively your mind should become like the surface of a calm lake while you are practicing.

Don’t even think to practice pick-up if you are tired, if you did not sleep enough, if you got drunk or have big problems in your mind at the same time.

They will impair your brain’s cognitive skills: the skill of being in touch with your surroundings, see and hear things, concentrate and remember important particulars.

So in order to go out and practice pick-up in the best possible way you should absolutely keep up a healthy lifestyle.

Ideally you should sleep at least 7-8 hours surely not less than 7 hours.

The majority of you will obtain the best results by sleeping at night, being awake during the day and by keeping a regular rhythm.

Ideally you should go to sleep at 10.30 – 11.00 pm, sleep 7-8 hours and wake up around 6.30 – 7 am, be on the business day time and do your pick-up between 5 pm and 10 pm.

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It will give you enough residual energy in the evenings after the business. Let’s say you are on the business until 5 pm. You can start your pick-up session at 5 pm and go on for 4 hours.

This is about 3 hours of active pick-up as the warm up may require half an hour, one hour depending on how tired you are when you end the day.

Everything causing you too much stress – like sleep deprivation, problems at work, problems in human relationships and unhealthy life style – impairs your concentration and ultimately messes up your pick-up.

With an impaired concentration and a low level of energy you cannot pickup effectively.

To deal with approach anxiety you can think along the lines of these 3 stages:

Comfort zone: what you feel comfortable doing.

Stretch zone: what puts “little bit of pressure” on your inner state and does not have you into panic.

Panic zone: all what makes you pee in your pants if you simply think of doing it.

Now the best way to learn is to stay in your comfort zone in the pick-up venue and start doing something “little bit more difficult” which puts you into the stretch zone but does not get you straight into the panic zone.

For example if entering a pick-up venue like a bookstore or a food store does not cause you any stress then you can start from that and then try to get into stretch.

If entering a woman’s personal space causes you stress then just walk around in the pick-up venue.

Don’t stare at her.

When you feel comfortable walking in the venue then get little bit more into the “stretch zone” and go little bit closer to her personal space.

When you feel that are comfortable with that say “Hi” to her and by doing that you get into the stretch zone even more.

The right way for learning is getting into the stretch zone without getting into the panic zone and increasing the stretch only a little bit every time.

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Getting into the panic zone would have you to give up and get bad feelings about the whole pick-up thing.

Getting slowly into the stretch zone will have you learn and get used to new skills.

When you will notice that you can a little bit increase your stretching and do new things it will feel very, very good.

Then you will feel very good about moving forward. It is important that you feel good when doing pick-up!

All what you do should be framed in a positive way in your mind.

This is also called self-hypnosis.

If you use negations in your thoughts and statement you will fail.

If you think: “I cannot approach” you insert a negative thought into your mind and this will cause lot of anxiety.

If you think: “Every day I learn something new about pick-up” or: “Every day I learn new useful skills” then you are using a positive frame and are not getting anxiety.

To maintain your state you need to take away all the negative statements from your mind and frame them positively.

Think in terms of:

“I am on my way in learning approaches”

“I am willing to talk to girls”

“I love giving girls a chance to open up to me”

All these statements and thoughts contain positive affirmations and keep up the right state in your mind. Your thoughts influence your inner state very much.

Think of your mind as a box with a limited space inside: if you have negative thoughts they will fill the box and there will be no space left for pick-up and seduction.

Hunting is something which is successful when you think less. Reduce the thinking at the minimum necessary, stay alert and in contact with the surroundings.

Keep only a few, selected thoughts in the mind while doing pick-up.

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Remember: that “box” in your brain cannot contain thoughts about your relationship with your former girlfriend or maybe thoughts about the political situation of your country and be at the same time able to pick-up.

There is not enough space in the “box” for all of those.